The Oath

Best-selling novelist Frank Peretti’s “The Oath” comes to
life on stage Halloween weekend at Grace Church of the Nazarene, 2620
Pennington Bend Road in Nashville.
Adapted from the novel to the stage by local writer and director Gary
Lide, the play features sin, mayhem and murder- elements not often
witnessed in church.
“This play is not like any other you’ve seen in a church before,” Lide
says. “This is a horror play. Less than half of the characters survive
to the end and their deaths are violent and loud. There are gunshots,
loud explosions and a lot of screaming and dragon effects.”
“The Oath” begins with the death of a wildlife photographer who has been
mysteriously killed on a camping trip with his mistress near a small mining
community known as Hyde River. The photographer’s brother, Steve Benson, is a
man of science whose methodical search for answers uncovers a civilization
set off from the rest of the world with its own rules and a dark secret from
the past known as “The Oath.” As the ensuing chaos elevates, Benson discovers
the only way out of Hyde River alive is to confront the dragon.
“Frank Peretti is considered the Stephen King of Christian fiction, with
stories that tend to be more based on horror rather than mainstream
drama,” Lide says. “Which is why we’re pleased he is allowing us to make this
presentation during Halloween. It’s the perfect Halloween event.”
Tickets for “The Oath” are free and may be obtained through the Grace Church
of the Nazarene office at (615) 889-7462.


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