About Keith Cook

Keith Cook is a well known and respected international evangelist. He has
preached and led outreach ministry projects in over forty countries. He has
also been very active and involved in preaching and leading outreach projects
here in the United States. He has led church revivals, open air meetings, and
has been a speaker at several conferences, retreats, and camps.
Keith is the Founder and President of On The Go Ministries, an international
evangelistic outreach ministry that ministers across the street and around
the world. He also serves as Dean of the On The Go Outreach Training School,
which strives to train people of all ages how to be effective ministers of
the Gospel. Keith also created GoCamp, an evangelistic youth camp geared
toward teaching youth new and fresh ways to minister to their families,
friends, and communities.

began his walk with the Lord at the age of fourteen. Little did he know
that a year later God would call him again…this time He would call Keith
into full-time Christian service. The call God placed and entrusted on
Keith’s life was defined and focused from the beginning; he would be an
evangelist. He would preach the message of Christ to people all over the
At age 15,
Keith took the first major step toward fulfilling God’s will and his desire
to be an evangelist. Keith began preaching in revivals and retreats in
churches across the United States. Keith was given the opportunity and
unique privilege of being the youngest preacher to ever preach on the
radio in Nashville, Tennessee. Over the next twelve years he directed
evangelistic teams as they ministered across the country.
In 1986,
Keith launched On The Go Ministries. On The Go is an international evangelistic
outreach ministry that ministers across the street and around the world.
Since On The Go began, Keith has preached in over 40 countries around
the world while still ministering here in the United States. He has preached
in crusades, rallies, retreats, revivals, seminars, and conferences held
worldwide. Keith has also written literature on topics such as evangelism,
church growth, missions, youth, and family.
1990, Keith developed GoTeams. These are groups of people who travel overseas
and share the Gospel with others. They also travel in the United States
participating in various ministry events. In 1992, Keith created GoCamp,
which is a Christian camp developed to inspire Christian youth and adults
in how to influence their families, friends, and communities for Christ.
In 1993,
Keith started On The Go’s Outreach Training School. This school aims to
teach people of all ages new and fresh ministry outreach methods that
can be used to impact the world for Christ. Keith serves as the Dean of
the Outreach Training School. The school is composed of seventy independent
classes on various ministry topics. Some of these classes include Basic
Evangelism, Tough Evangelism, Prayer in Evangelism, Worldwide Ministry,
Inner City Ministry, Arts In Evangelism, and Neighborhood Outreach. Keith
continues to carry out the call given to him at age fifteen. He resides
in Springfield, Tennessee, with his wife Joan and his son.


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