‘Threat Matrix’ Threatened

‘Political Correctness is the liberal version of fascism.’ That’s the title of one of the chapters in my new book, ‘Right From The Heart: The ABC’s of Reality in America.’ It seems that diversity is encouraged by the Left until it’s a diversity of thought.
ABC TV’s new drama, ‘Threat Matrix,’ is based on an actual report given to the President each morning called the Threat Matrix. It outlines the most active domestic and international threats against the United States. This brilliant new drama from ABC is being savaged by many left-wing reviewers as “pro-Bush” or “pro-Homeland Security.” It’s actually pro-American and anti-terrorist, something that crawls all over those who are embarrassed to be Americans and think we should somehow apologize to the world.
There is a concerted effort underway in Hollywood to kill this wonderful show. We must not allow that to happen. In this day and age of reality TV it’s rare that we find such a smart and well-produced jewel like ‘Threat Matrix.’ By tuning in and supporting this series on Thursday nights at 8PM Eastern, 7PM Central, we can collectively trump the critics.
Please join me in this fight against political correctness by supporting a show bold enough to espouse pro-American ideals while clearly identifying the terrorists as the true enemies they are and not some disenfranchised group worthy of foreign aid.
You can read a synopsis of the series at the link below.
Watch ‘Threat Matrix’ Thursday night at 8PM, 7 Central.


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