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Celebrating 20 years in Christian music, Grammy and Dove award-winning artist and composer Michael W. Smith, prepares for the release of The Second Decade 1993 – 2003. The project celebrates his career by featuring 13 hits from the past 10 years and two new songs from his highly
anticipated 2004 studio album The 15-song CD includes the following well-known hits: “Cry for Love,” “Straight to the Heart,” “I’ll Lead You Home,” “Missing Person,” “Love Me Good,” “Live the Life,” “Never Been Unloved,” “This Is Your Time,” “Freedom,” “Above All” (live version), “Prince of Peace” (live version), “Friends 2003,” “Breakdown” and new songs, “Raging Sea” and “Signs.”
To commemorate Michael’s double decades, writer Sherry Siebert compiled some comments from Michael’s peers.
Ginny Owens”I love his endless energy. Always encouraging.” Her favorite song is “Friends.”
Chris Rice“I love his silliness and how he can break down at any time and show his true emotion and I love the fact that he always is a kid at heart.” Favorite song: Missing Person live version. My favorite Michael W. Smith song is ‘Secret Ambition’ because it is about the real Jesus, not the fake religious, white, middle-class, stain-glassed window Jesus!”
Paul Colman (Paul Colman Trio) “No one did know His secret ambition, and He alienated all of the religious and political leaders during His time because His love was so pure that it
offended the self-righteouss. Christianity is often watered down and the new virtue is niceness. The slogan for Christians is to be up-beat and positive. Just like Jesus was, right? Not! When I think of Smitty I think of how character is so much more vital than musical prowess for success. Go Smitty!”
Michael Pritzl – the Violet Burning “As a kid I first saw
Michael play with Amy Grant. Mostly what I remember is that the presence of God was just filling the place. The only thing I really love about music at it’s most powerful is when the Lord, Himself, graces it with His presence. Now as an artist and a grown man, I have such a deep respect of Michael especially learning how much of an emphasis he places on both he and his band members being home with their families as much as possible, even in the middle of a tour. My favorite song that he has recorded, the one that says, “let it rain…let it rain…” I love to do that one in worship.”
Sam Billen – the Billions “Our band wanted something fun to listen to on our way to GMA so we decided to pop Michael W. Smith’s ‘I 2 Eye’ into our tape player. Knowing the era it was recorded, we were expecting something pretty cheesy, but we
completely fell in love with the album. It actually gave us a lot of creative ideas to use in our music. I’ve seen Michael W. Smith in concert a number of times in my past. And even through my teen years, when I was ‘too cool’ to like any contemporary christian music, I loved his music and watching him perform.
Nate Sallie “Consistent, Genuine, Solid, Real, and Blessed are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Smitty. There is no other artist that has had as big an impact on my life as Michael W. Smith. I remember seeing him for the first time in Morgantown, West Virginia, in 1987, singing “Hand of Providence” with his ponytail. Ever since that night, I have sang, played, and listened to everyone of his songs over and over and over, from “Rocketown” to “Missing Person.” If I had to pick one favorite recording and song, it would have to be Eye to Eye, both record and song. Congratulations, on a blessed career and life!!”
Chad Jarnagin, Among Thorns “The song ‘secret ambition’ as well his worship cds are my favorite mws
recordings. when I think of mws I think of a man that has been broken before the lord. A worshipper. living in community with he and his family, I see priorities that every artist should have and follow.”
Chanelle, Trin-i-tee 5:7 “My
favorite song by ‘MWS’ is ‘This Is Your Time’. I love this song for so many reasons. This song in my opinion is perfect. My favorite part in the song is the line “Wont You Save Me!” the music in this song takes me to another time and place. When I think of Mr. Smith the first word that comes to mind is “spirit”. His spirit is in his music. He is a rare find.”
Adrian, Trin-i-tee 5:7 “There is just a special, divine experience that is revealed when listening to the Music of Michael W. Smith. I listen to “This Is Your Time” CD often and the single for This Is Your Time is on repeat. I then play the
instrumental version. It reminds me to be still and at the same time to go for it in life. It makes you also appreciate those who have had to make the sacrifice for our faith it is a humbling experience. I cry at times and celebrate at others. I think
Michael W. Smith has done an excellent job of translating the human experience with the
inspiration of Christ.”
Jason Anderson, Re:Zound “When I think of MWS I think “Immortal”, this guys career is like Aerosmith or Metalica. He’s found a way to keep his music fresh and changing, and his vibe
youthful. Good job MWS, you’re an inspiration to us all. My favorite song of MWS was off an album from several years back. The track was something about a “cross of Gold”. Very very cool song. The song instructed people to define what the cross around their neck means to them. Is it just a chain. I remember the phrase “an icon of what?” Now where is that cd? I’ve gotta go find it.”
Joe Katina of The Katinas “Michael’s passion for God is so evident by his devotion to his
family and his sincere humility in spite of all his accomplishments. It’s an honor for my brothers and I to have had the opportunity to work with him on stage, but more importantly to worship and pray with him backstage. Michael, thank you for “living the life”! You’re a true hero!”
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