Apples of Gold for Teachers

Vicki Caruana is America’s Teacher and a popular speaker at educational conferences nationwide. She is also the author of Apples and Chalkdust and More Apples and Chalkdust. Now she is back with her latest devotional, Apples of Gold for Teachers.
God’s Strength for K-12 Educators!
Reassuring all teachers—kindergarten through high school—of the deep importance of their work, the book also bathes them in encouragement. This book of devotionals will sustain and refresh teachers in life and the classroom! It makes a wonderful and caring gift for a child’s instructors or teachers.
The book encourages and challenges teachers to take a closer look at their call to teach through analogies of planting, sowing, tending, and harvesting an orchard.
About the Author

Vicki Caruana is foremost a teacher, speaking at educational and homeschooling conferences nationwide. She is a frequent guest on various radio and television broadcasts, and her writing appears in many magazines. She is the founder of Teachers in Prayer. Vicki lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Apples of Gold for Teachers by Vicki Caruana
Hardcover; $14.99
ISBN 0-7642-2792-0


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