Lullabies For A Peaceful Rest

With its success in the mainstream market this year, it is no surprise that “I Can Only Imagine” was chosen to lay the foundation for the upcoming M2.O Communications/Sony Wonder release, I Can Only Imagine: Lullabies For A Peaceful Rest, slated for release on November 11th. Many know this hit song in its original form, and for the first time ever, it can be heard in a newly recorded acoustic version on the release, also performed by MercyMe lead singer Bart Millard.
Produced and arranged by Grammy nominee Brian Green, this 45 minute tranquil collection includes fifteen familiar and new lullabies geared to soothe the child and to worship the Creator. Other tracks especially recorded for this project are the timeless classics “Jesus Loves Me,” “Lullaby and Goodnight (Brahms Lullaby),” and “Hush Little Baby,” as well as the instrumental tracks “Rock A Bye Baby” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

Featured vocals include Millard and fellow MercyMe member Nathan Cochran, along with voices of other accomplished singers. Cochran contributes to this album with the timeless melody “Keeper Of My Heart.” Whereas Millard lends his vocals on the title track, he also sings with his wife, Shannon on “Baby Sleep Tonight,” which they penned especially for this project. During the song, the two parents express their promise to their son, Samuel, to always be by his side. The words ring parallel to the promises Christ gives His children, “When you close your eyes, know that I’ll be there for you; I’ll never let you go for you¹re my heart and soul.”
With this combination of classic and new songs, the album will aim to provide rest, assurance, hope and faith for the child and parent alike. I Can Only Imagine: Lullabies For A Peaceful Rest will be sold in stores for $10.98.
I Can Only Imagine: Lullabies For A Peaceful Rest Track Listing:
I Can Only Imagine
Jesus Loves Me
All Though The Night
All The Pretty Little Horses
For The Beauty Of The Earth
Rock-a-bye Baby
Keeper of My Heart
All Night, All Day
Hush Little Baby
Sleep, Baby, Sleep
Round Goes the World
Now Thank We All Our God
Lullaby and Goodnight (Brahms Lullaby)
Baby Sleep Tonight (Sam¹s Song)
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star


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