The Spreading of the Nets

Proverbs 1:17: Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird!
To get the proper meaning of this verse one has to follow the whole train of thought in order to understand what is being revealed
here, Proverbs 1:10-19. In its message it serves to us sober warning not to be caught up in a life of crime and vice. However, the
spreading of the net within the sight of any bird can be applied to a whole set of situations that need to be considered just as
dangerous as following a life of crime as well.
There are those who live for doing things wrong and they delight in making it their
pleasure to draw others down into their nets right along with them. This seems to be their joy in life, to make someone fall or to catch
some one in the nets of destructive patterns. We must be as the bird who can see what it going on and fly away.
To catch a bird one first of all must use tactics that appeal to the nature of the bird. With that principle in mind it is easy to catch men
in the snares that consume their own souls. I often wonder if there is a connection between the ‘internet’ and this verse that talks of
?net.? both use the word ‘net.’ Deception is widespread and the nets are being cast out constantly in order to try and snag
someone. As a bird, we need to have our ‘sight’ keenly fixed upon the ‘net throwers,’ in order not to be trapped by the web of
deception and vice that seeks to snare us.
I am reminded of a statement I was heard quoted by a pastor’s wife one Sunday morning.
‘Oh what a web we weave if at first we practice to deceive.’ How fitting this is to us today, we spin webs of deception in hopes of
catching someone but it is in vain if the one we seek is knowledgeable of such practices.
The question here is this, How
knowledgeable are you? Are you easily led astray due to a need that is pressing upon your heart? In reality my friend this is where
most nets catch us, within the heart arena. This is where the cunning craftiness of deception is weaved in all of its artistic form. This
is why the chat room ‘Issues of the Heart,’ for example, has such meaning and such a work to do. For we dive deep into the
thoughts and intents of the heart and get down to the very root of any and all problems. It is from this angle we then can bring the
answer. To often though answers are given to a situation but without the real issue being dealt with.
The last couple of days I have been getting this idea from the Lord. ‘There will always be Issues when.’ I would like now to finish
this idea-thought. There will always be issues as long as man seeks to live a life of deception. There will always be Issues when the
Heart of man is not right before the Lord. When men love darkness more than Truth then Issues will be around. As long as man
embraces rebellion over the Lord then the innocent ones will be its victim. As long as the heart remains deceitfully wicked above all
else we will have Issues to contend with. The list can go on and on, and I am sure many of us can put down things on this list as
As the bird who sees the net being spread, we too must be aware of the net being spread before us. We must be wise and not caught
in the patterns of deception that are so subtle and invisible to the naked eye. We become blind and unseeing when we refuse to be
accountable to truth by rejecting conviction and sound teaching. As we exalt our way over the Lords way then we are walking into the
net willfully and quickly. If we long for heart things that are not covered by the Lord then we are prime targets of the net. More
anguish of soul and bitterness of heart comes from when we realize we just been victimized by ‘circumstances’ or ‘lies’ told us
by those we love and then later we find out it was only a game they played. For these are areas of deception and many are caught in
this due to the heart as its prime player. When we let down our defense and open up to ‘trust’ only to discover we had been lured
into a ‘trap’ by the catcher this is a hard pill to swallow. Man’s worst enemy is his heart and the bible speaks of the heart as being
deceitfully wicked above all else. This is why there is so much pain and anger generated between individuals throughout history.
Deception and net catching has been and still is one of the biggest issue areas of life. Our own heart’s can be targeted in some of the
most vicious and cruel games carried out, without no care as to how we are abused by such activity. The internet is not exempt by
this form of ‘netting’ and we must be aware of deception for we live in a fallen world of vice and greed. Man is constantly on the
prowl to catch and victimize the innocent for his own agenda and the heart of man will always be caught in the middle of this
seductive game. The Spreading of the Nets will have to be done behind closed doors in order for the bird to be out of visual
In order for the heart to be as a bird it needs wings to fly away. It first of all must be delivered from the net by having the sins of the
heart cleansed by Jesus. If any man be in Christ he is a new creature- old things are passed away and behold all things are new. Set
your affections on thing above where neither thief or robber can break in and attain. Nor where rust or moth can devour. For where a
mans heart is there will be his treasure as well. So the key here is having a re-focus of priorities. If we play the heart game through
hopes of finding worldly treasures or attaining some kind of thief?s purse then we will end up the loser.
We must be careful not to be drawn in to the net by emotional pulls that cry out for attention but yet do not produce burden. This is a
subtle trick of the enemy to lure us in to the net and catch our feet and keep us down from movement in Christ. Those who use
emotion to catch the bird spin webs with no boundaries in order to make a claim. Many will pass by these patterns of deceit and be
drawn into its deadly game by words that touch the heart, yet confuses the mind. Game players will always be around as long as
there is hopes centered on gaining. Abuse will always being going on as long as there is abusers who are interested in themselves
and not the things of God. As long as man’s heart is un generated there will be sin in the camp. However, to those who have been to
Calvary for a heart transplant they become as the bird who is free of traps. We must be spiritually keen of the things that can draw us
away from the Lord. Surely the net is spread in vain in the sight of any bird.
I close with this example of what king David said. Psalms 139:23-24 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my
thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. This needs to be our prayer as well.
Lord we need any and all things that is wicked within us to be brought to the surface so we can repent and move into the way
everlasting. Cleanse of those things that make us unclean in your sight. Forgive us of our sins and take away from us any wicked
way so we can walk in a pure path of holiness and uprightness before you. Give us clean hands and clean hearts today. Remove our
feet from the nets that we also have allowed by choosing our way over your ways. Lead us out of self deception and place your Holy
Spirit over our hearts. Remove from us the sin of our youth and the sin of pride and greed. Remove sin from us as we confess our
transgressions before you. Search me O God and see if there be any wicked way within me.
May God add his blessing today.Back to Devotionals Page

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