Meet Jason Ingram

Jason Ingram recently released his self-titled debut
album on Resonate Records(INO).
He was born in Santa Cruz, California and has since
moved to Nashville to record music.
Jason grew up as a pastor’s child, but did not develop
into a rebellious young man. His father and mother
both modeled their faith. As a young man, Jason
developed a strong faith that would be expressed
through his love of worship music. He said, “Music
for me is an outlet for my faith. My songs all tend
to be very personal, very rooted in my journey.”
Highlights on his album include, “I’m Rich, I’m Poor”
and “Save Me From Me”, a prayer to God to rescue us
from ourselves. A very special song on the record
is “Restore Me”, which was written by his best friend,
John Biggs. During a recent acoustic performance at
Gospel Music Week, Jason said, “We spent several years
playing music together… I watched my friend struggle
with a disease for several years.” John lost his
battle with cancer over three years ago. Jason waited
awhile before deciding to record the song. Read more
about Jason Ingram at


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