A Bird of a Different Feather

The Dove awards are not quite like any other night. Sure, there is a lot of “see and be
seen” mentality, a lot of attention to clothing, some trotting out of pop culture types
who don’t have much to do with Christian music in an effort to integrate (and
impress), a lot of media types running around trying to get just the right photos, quote
or sound byte, and of course, there is lots and lots of music!
But there are differences and they are important. The award gowns, while glittery and
frequently form-hugging do usually do a good job of covering up the vital areas. This
is a good thing. The media rooms, we were told by the artists, are much more polite
than our secular counterparts. This is also a good thing. But the main difference is the
message communicated by the artists and the music all of us involved represent. This
is a VERY good thing. It is THE thing. Hopefully, it is the reason we are all here in the Christian
music industry and at the Doves.
They call it Gospel Music Week. That should mean something to all of us. Good
News. The only truly eternal Good News. Ultimately, who gets signed, whose
performance was most stellar, whose gown was the most gorgeous and who take
home a bronze bird – none of that matters at all. We all know this, but it never hurts
to be reminded again. We are her to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with our songs, with out ministry, with our money, our dress, our demeanor and our relationships.
With that said, let me share a few high points of my Dove Awards experience.

src=”https://www.christianactivities.com/dove/gmbytreedv02_sm.jpg” border=0
Following on the heels of Freddie Colloca and Ileana Garces, By the Tree said their name in Spanish would be Por El Arbol. (This struck me as
very funny – don’t ask me why!)

src=”https://www.christianactivities.com/dove/gmselahdv02_sm.jpg” border=0
The lights going out right as Selah raised their Dove Awards to show the press room.
Hey, if anyone could recover from such an awkward moment, it would be the guys
and gal in Selah!

src=”https://www.christianactivities.com/dove/gmjacidv02_sm.jpg” border=0
Jaci V. sharing, “My heart is with my people. The Latin people have the best hearts,
the best souls. My heart is with the Latin people.”

src=”https://www.christianactivities.com/dove/gmkirkdv02_sm.jpg” border=0
Kirk Franklin regaling us with tales of his days as “Kid Fresh” and singing “Elvira”
with the Oak Ridge Boys.

src=”https://www.christianactivities.com/dove/gmkrystalharrisdv02_sm.jpg” border=0
Krystal Harris, the first singer signed to the new Backstreet Boys label singing Keith
Greene’s “O Lord, You’re Beautiful” to the press room and then saying, “We just want to get all that gospel and take it out to the people.”
2002 Dove Award Winners
Bonus Dove Award Photo Gallery!
Backstage at the
2002 Dove Award s
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