The Knowledge of Good and Evil

The concept and the knowledge of Good and Evil became a known reality to man after the fall. The burden of such a heavy load of
this particular knowledge was not man’s worry before that time. Instead Adam and Eve were enjoying the Garden Life free of the
knowledge of good and evil. It is only after the fall of man that the things changed radically for them and from that moment on we all
have been under the burden of good and evil and that burden has radically divided us and has worked its fabric of destruction within
mans mind ever since. Mankind inherited a source of knowledge that would have best been left out of the picture but since this did
not happen we are now left holding the bag of this inheritance.
After the fall of man and the eyes of his understanding became opened, man has now passed on this sin from generation to
generation. He has willfully chosen to be like God instead of being submitted to God’s authority. Therefore the sin of disobedience
and rebellion is now being carried out by exercising the knowledge of good and evil. This knowledge now has replaced obedience to
God’s commandments and has attempted to exalt itself back into God’s grace by the creation of its own standard of right and wrong.
However, this standard is derived from man’s knowledge of what is right and wrong and is void of submission to Gods authority,
therefore, this standard of good and evil is of no benefit or usefulness to the Lord. For its roots are embedded in rebellion and can
never justify itself before the Lord.
Within us all is a built in device that we operate from. We form our whole moral and social standard of right and wrong and it is by
this standard that we function under. But if this knowledge of justice and behavior is not in submission to God’s standard then we
are merely setting up rules and regulations that are based on self. Our own value system, as good or as bad is it may be, is still under
the knowledge of good and evil. We add insult to injury as we seek to improve upon and educate this system of knowledge. As
knowledge and self improvement programs increase then the rebellion only becomes that much more pitted against the
commandments of the Lord. Man’s authority now is the law of the land and this authority and sense of right and wrong is corrupted
and if it is not brought under submission to God’s authority then it will only get worse.
The knowledge of good and evil only gets more twisted when this knowledge becomes ruler of self as self sits on the throne of their
life and calls the shots according to what is best for him or her. We govern from this position and all that affects us and all that
happens to us is defined in a self knowledge of what is right and wrong. No longer do we use God’s word as the defining factor but
instead all authority is to be brought to our throne and it is from there we decide what is best. Man has become like a god and now it
is we who have elevated self to be the ruler over one another. But this is not the way the Lord intended this to be.
The knowledge of
good and evil was never man?s package to enjoy but obedience was what the Lord gave us in the garden of Eden. God being God
was fully equipped to handle knowing right from wrong. We have proven many times over that it is not within man?s best interest to
function under this mode but to come under obedience to God and his authority. All knowledge of good and evil that we attain needs
to arrive by coming under God?s authority. It is as we live under the authority of Christ that our lives become knowledgeable of
good and evil. Apart from God?s authority our knowledge of good and evil comes from self and is regulated out from that position.
This is where the problem lies and this is why we have so much trouble.

If people violate this standard then we as rulers take steps to
correct the situation. As long as self is on the throne and rules from a personal or group knowledge of good and evil we then have
justice and control that demands justice without mercy. Anyone who violates our standards of operation is cast out into the far
regions of the social and cultural ladder. It is from this standard of right and wrong that we even decide what is best for the Lord. We
become blind to God?s will but instead we translate God?s will through our filters of what is best for self and then we give out
orders to bring God down to a level of acceptance that is non-threatening to our kingdom.
A lack of submission to God?s authority will produce a life of following along the knowledge of good and evil. But obeying the
Lord will give us a proper order of his chain of command and it is from that command center can we ever hope to be in submission
one to another in the fear of the Lord. It is only as we surrender our way of doing things and establish a new order of right and
wrong based not on ?self? then and only then can we truly exercise spiritual authority. Our knowledge must come to us by way of
submission to God and obedience to His authority on every front.
As we operate by our standards of good and evil we then become harsh and condescending towards others who don?t measure up to
our standards. This is most painful and can drive away others who are seeking to find peace in Christ. We accept others until they
violate our personal agenda. Then we put the ?boot? to them and off they go into the ?land of separation.? It is important that we
exchange our knowledge and embrace the Lords instead. His knowledge should be our knowledge, His life our life, His ways our
ways. No more self life but Gods life in us. Jesus is the knowledge of good and evil, as we learn more of Jesus then knowledge
flows out from our inward man and we can see clearly things that otherwise were hazy and blurry.
Lord I ask that we give up our ideas of what we think is the right way of doing things, and that instead we learn right from wrong
according to what is the ?will of God.? That we become knowledgeable of Jesus and live our lives along His Knowledge instead of
ours. Help us to submit to God? authority therefore having unity and peace within the body of Christ. Make us channels today that
radiate Jesus to those around us, in Jesus name amen.
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