A Powerful Encounter with Fusebox

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I recently had the chance to chat with the guys in
Fusebox. The band recently released the album, LOST
IN WORSHIP on Elevate Records (Inpop). Fusebox has
also been the touring band for Rebecca St.James for
many years. Fusebox is: Bill Buchanan on lead vocals,
Brad Duncan on guitars and Steve Conrad on bass

Drummer, Guy Roberts joined the band in December.
They have had a successful radio hit with
the catchy “Every Move I Make”. The band also
recently opened for Third Day at Nashville’s Amsouth
Amphitheatre. I asked the band about their mission.
Guitarist, Brad said that the band’s calling is to,
“bring people into God’s presence” and give them a
“new outlook on life”.
Musically, Fusebox was influenced by a wide variety of
rock music, including Lenny Kravitz and King’s X.
They needed a producer who had a heart for worship and
could help the band develop their own sound in the
studio. That man would turn out to be Otto Price-“Suga
Bear”, the former bass player for DC Talk.
Otto had been a fan of Bill’s earlier band, Skin Deep.
Bill remembers being overwhelmed when he found out
that Price had admired his music.
One of the most inspiring memories for Bill was being
told by a fan (by email) that she admired the band for
being “sincere about what they do”. She was also
impressed that the band would spend time hanging out
with people after the show.
Members of Fusebox told me about their favorite
songs on LOST IN WORSHIP. Steve especially likes “My
Everything” because it’s a great song to play live.
Guy mentioned that he likes “King” because it’s
“Blatant Praise” and also is reminiscent of King’s X.
Brad also likes “King” because it’s “a creed” that he
lives by. One of Bill’s favorite songs is “Lost In
Worship” because “It Rocks!”
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