The Born Again Experience

In the previous two chapters I discussed the pre-birth process and I must add that each of us experience this in different ways.
Some go through the birth canal in a radical way where as others seem to have an easy go of it. But either way what matters is that
they make it safely without unnecessary set backs or misguided efforts by us. I have listened to many ways of how others came to
know the Lord and I would like to share one such story with you at this time. This woman had a husband who was anything but
Christian. He did the usual things such as drinking and things that came with it. His wife was a sweet Christian woman and she
attended church regularly and loved the Lord. Many prayers were said on behalf for this woman’s husband yet he seemed
unaffected by such prayers.
However, on one occasion he went elk hunting deep into the Mountain’s of Idaho. He told his wife
that he would be home later on that evening unless of course he did shoot a elk then it would be much later. Well, he did get a shot
off alright but it was not at an elk but instead he shot himself in the upper leg and it was serious stuff. Alone and without help he
knew he was in trouble. Darkness closed in fast and the temperature dropped to the mid teens as the sun disappeared into the night
sky. This man tried shooting his gun in hopes that someone would hear him and come to his rescue but to no avail. The reason I
know such details on this man is cause he gave his testimony at church later on. As you can see I am getting ahead of the story.
Anyway, on that very night the Lord showed up. This man testified that the presence of God literally surrounded him and a warmth
filled the air where he lay. All night long the Lord stayed there and he spent that time in communion. That night was this mans
Spiritual conception and His rebirth as well. So you see, each of us have a special contact with the Lord in just the right way that
moves us into rebirth. God in His wisdom will come against the hard shells that we hide in and He will speak life to the inner man
and move the elements of destruction to weaken the outside walls so we can come forth. This is the way it is in the birth process of
Gods program and now I would like to discuss the actual birth process as well.
People don’t always enter into the kingdom of God without a series of hard events that must come to pass both for the church as
well as the soon to be new member of the body of Christ. Conviction is heavy upon them and this conviction (Holy Spirit) can cause
certain kind of re-action to take place that other wise would be non existent in regular life. Pressure mounts as truth unfolds and a
decision is required in order to leave the security of the egg which by now is so shattered that there is not much left to return to
anyway. This also only adds fuel to the fire, for they now realize they are in a zone that is very insecure and this can be un-nerving.
Right before the final release we can expect some to act in strange ways and if we don’t have discernment working on our side we
can improperly interpret the actions as being mean spirited. Personally, I have not seen someone accept Christ as Lord and Savior
without first of all having questions. However, after the questions and answer series are completed then a final decision will be
eventually made and when this finally happens then the person willingly comes forth for prayer with no more fighting and resisting.

We must know, that if there is still a little fight and resistance to the message then it (most likely) is not time yet for birth. The Holy
Spirit is still dealing and there is more pre-birth activity still being done. After the heart is successfully prepared then the actual
regeneration is the easiest part of the whole process. In fact it is so easy that it almost seems not real. I guess we expect some kind of
huge performance on their part to convince us that they are truly saved and repented. But when there is a quiet and uneventful
(outward) display we might think to ourselves, “this is too easy, it happened without any effort.” Please keep in mind the effort was
all done in the months and years before hand. Another thing to consider is this: I remember a man who I once worked with, if there
ever was a “jerk” it was him. He was a former marine and had spent time in Viet Nam. He took special interest in my message and
asked me all kinds of questions concerning God. Naturally, I was more than willing to share with him along these lines of subject
matter, only to find out very quickly that he had another agenda for doing so. If there was ever a person who I wish I could have
never met if was him! Him and I soon became non buddies. I dreaded going to work and worse yet having to work with him on the
same projects. He not only made my life miserable but He also included others in the game as well, and they too entered in from time
to time. Well, I finally decided to declare war on this fellow. So the first thing I started to do was a lot of praying. Many nights I took
my complaints to the Lord for this man. They were not happy prayers but angry ones. I also did much soul searching over things
that came to “light” as him and I entered the “spiritual boxing ring.” I did some repenting on things that I said to him throughout
the day and I also did some “witness fine tuning” as I began to realize errors committed by me from time to time. As far as his birth
canal was concerned, had it been in my power I would have “aborted” him within the first trimester. But it was not my decision and
for some reason God never answered my prayers for immediate deliverance. I tried every biblical principle known to me in the realm
of my theology. I tried giving him a “soft answer” thinking it would turn away wrath and get him off my back. I tried turning the
other cheek as commanded in the sermon on the mount. You name it, I practiced it but each tactic was useless in defense of this
“jerk of jerks.” He had an uncanny insight into being able to tell what I was doing and he made it no secret on telling me either. I
was hiding behind a pretend Christian front, my witness to this fellow was just a “mask” more than a reality. True, I knew the Lord
yet I did not have the right connection due to a false notion of how to be me. I did not dare tell this fellow how I really felt cause I
considered it to be unchristian and I was so programmed to present the gospel of Christ in such a way that it really wasn’t me but a
programmed formula. This man saw the formula and in his crude and marine tough way he attacked it. This was not a very good
situation that I was in for my security and creditability was on the line and in such cases when that happens we find ourselves on the
defensive and this is when we lose it big time. He was in the birth canal all right yet he made it more than clear to me that he was not
about to make Christ his Lord unless his people were “real enough” within themselves to make him want to trust in the Savior.
(think about that one)
Funny how that works, we approach the people in the world with what we consider to be the “Christian
approach” yet we hide behind walls of fear and phoniness and when the shields get shattered and the attacks enter into full swing we
call it “persecution” but in reality its not so. God used this man to break me of some things that were not right inside of me. He did
not give me a deliverance but a victory which came through a hard lesson. How often do we drop the ball (so to speak) due to some
huge dysfunctional error in our program yet we blame the other fellow on what is really at our own door mat. As we approach the
final stages of birth canals and actual born again procedures be prepared for a close look inside as to where each of us live.
Sometimes the look can reveal some ugly things and I wonder who really is being healed by it all.
To be continued……


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