American Worship Gathering Planned

The “American Worship
Gathering” is just over one week away! Christians will be coming together
from all across America to the National Mall in Washington D.C. for the
“AMERICAN WORSHIP GATHERING” on Memorial Day weekend. Thousands of
Christians are expected to gather together at the Washington Monument for
this Historic Worship Event. The Concert will be recorded for a future
benefit CD and broadcast LIVE via satellite into millions of households
across America!
The “All-America Praise Choir” and “All-America Kids Choir” will meet at CONSTITUTION HALL, 10:00am on Saturday May
25 to rehearse with the Worship Leaders until noon. The Concert begins at
2:00pm. The Worship leaders
will be singing their ‘best-loved’ songs.
A Live National Radio Broadcast will begin at 3:00pm EDT and will be
carried by the Salem Radio Network, as well as many independent
stations. John Tesh will host the Program, which will also air on
satellite ‘XM’ Radio and via the Internet. The video highlights will be
edited into 2 one hour Special Presentations; broadcast dates to be
announced. A list of radio stations broadcasting the event will be posted
on closer to the event.
The Primary Goals of this Event are to…
* HONOR our American Heroes and the men and women serving our Country
* CELEBRATE our Faith in Jesus through Praise & Worship and to re-dedicate
our Nation unto God
* UNITE and STAND TOGETHER in support of our Great Nation and to pray for
our Leaders in Washington
Anyone can PARTICIPATE in the “American Worship Gathering”! Praise Team
Members, Choir Singers, and Worshippers from Churches all across America
will come together at the event in Washington D.C. to form the “ALL-AMERICA
PRAISE CHOIR” and ALL-AMERICA KID’S CHOIR. These choirs will be singing,
worshipping, and ministering on stage with Don Moen, Rick Muchow, Bob
Fitts, and all the Worship Leaders, and will also be part of the LIVE
RECORDING and benefit CD for The Todd M. Beamer Foundation.
The Artists and Musicians of the “AMERICAN WORSHIP GATHERING” are
supporting Lisa Beamer and the TODD M. BEAMER FOUNDATION by offering their
gifts and talents to this benefit concert. Proceeds from the event and
from the live recording will go to the Todd M. Beamer Foundation to help
innocent young children affected by the tragedy. In order to help children
who lost parents in the 9/11 attacks, Lisa Beamer created the TODD M.
BEAMER FOUNDATION, taking her personal tragedy and building a channel for
God to bless others. LISA BEAMER, our special guest is the widow of 9/11
hero Todd Beamer, who helped to overcome the hijackers of United Flight
93. Todd’s heroic actions spoiled the terrorist’s plot to crash the 757
into the Heart of our Nation’s Capital, possibly into the White
House. Todd’s last words, “Let’s Roll” have become a ‘Rallying Cry’ for
Freedom; echoing across our Country from the lips of President Bush to the
Halls of Congress, from Larry King to the Today Show, and from school
assemblies all the way to the 2002 Olympics.
Worship Alliance was founded by Tom Brooks as a worldwide gathering place
for Christian musicians, Worship Leaders, and worshippers. The goal is to
be a catalyst; to encourage, to inspire, and to enhance the quality and
depth of Praise & Worship all over the world by creating a forum, a
platform for Christian artists, musicians, songwriters, Worship Leaders,
and Church Music Directors to share their gifts, talents, wisdom, and
experience. The first phase of a web site is currently under development
for This is the second worship event of this nature,
following the Worship in Korea 2001, the first concert in history to be
allowed at the DMZ border between South and North Korea – the wall
separating the only divided nation left on Earth since the fall of the
Berlin Wall. The event was presented in partnership with Pastor Cho and
the YOIDO CHURCH, the largest Christian Church in the world with 735,000


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