Taking the Land




My husband Steve and I had been flirting with the idea of a move to Texas since our trip there while on The Family Dream a year ago this time. It seemed to make a lot of sense on many levels. The main reason being the centrality of the Dallas/Ft.Worth airport. Leaving from the center of the country could easily mean shaving a day off the front and/or the back of our weekend trips away from the kids, not to mention the time change and jet lag. But God doesn’t always make sense so we didn’t want to rush into anything until we heard “Yea or Nay” from Him.
We looked at houses and visited churches in that area on three occasions, January, May and last November. Believe it or not, I was not the one leading this crusade, Steve was. I was content to live in California where I was surrounded by my incredible girlfriends and the kids were cocooned safely by the buddies they had known since the playpen.
Steve knew it was important that he be the one who ultimately made the final decision and he felt like the Lord would lead him in a specific direction by the end of 2002. So, come New Year’s Eve we were anxious to hear the verdict. We were on the way to my mother’s house for our annual over-night game party when Steve announced that he did have an answer but he didn’t feel like it was best to let us know what it was until after the party. Well, the kids aren’t dense, they knew what that meant – they were going to be asked to leave all of their friends behind and move across the country to a foreign land.
Tears sprang, anger erupted, and the party was deflated. We couldn’t even stay overnight because spirits were so dampened and attitudes were rotten. We came home and put everyone to bed. They had cried most of the way home, (a mix of the Texas thing and having to leave the party early.)
I still didn’t have a peace about the move, but then again, I really hadn’t expected to right away. It was so important to me that I not be the one to spearhead the move that I had essentially shut down too much anticipation either way. I knew that it would be important that I get my own impression from the Lord but, for some reason, I didn’t anticipate getting a confirmation in my heart until sometime in the spring. Weird, huh?
So much for my spiritual hunches. The very next morning, New Year’s Day, I was doing my Beth Moore Bible Study for the day and guess what the passage was about? It was the story of Joshua and Caleb spying out the Promised Land and being the only two with guts and faith enough to enter the land. You wouldn’t believe what Beth’s commentary said if I didn’t quote it verbatim, so here goes:
“Are you standing at your own Kadesh-barnea? Have you found yourself on the brink of the place for which God has long been preparing you? A location? A place of service? A circumstance? A position? Something for which you sense He has been preparing you for a long time? Now that you see Him fulfilling His promise to use you and have gone through excruciating preparation toward that end, are you filled with fear? An overwhelming feeling of unreadiness? A sudden emotion that this may not be what you wanted? A little sorry you volunteered to go wherever and do whatever?”
The ending scripture, Joshua 1:1-9, hit me between the eyes of my heart, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord Your God is with you wherever you go.”
Beth’s last words for the day were, “Take the land, beloved.”
I can’t tell you how grateful I was that the Lord would care enough to speak directly to me from His word confirming His plans. He has continued to prove that He is in this move. The kids have not only warmed up to the idea but I even see flashes of excitement now and then. . My mom and step dad’s plans to move are coming together. The Lord is working out ways for Steve to continue His touch at the church, even long distance. And it is hard not to get giddy at the fact that we can live in twice the house for half the money in Texas.
It is so fun to live with the Lord.
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