Stereo Motion Interview

Stereo Motion Interview done at Crossover Festival in Camdenton, Missouri.
Erin: “Can you tell us about your new album?”
Bryan: “We don’t have a new album coming out, Stereo Motion has an album coming out. They are a new band. They have a debut record, and it’s self-titled.”
Justin: “Is this going to be a Stereo Motion interview or Phat Chance?
Erin: “Stereo Motion”
Justin: “Okay then we can talk to you in first person.”
Erin: “Why can’t you (refer to yourself as Stereo Motion) when you are onstage?”
Bryan: “Well it’s just that since this it’s going to be more of a rock record the rock crowds usually hate guys who were ever even considered fresh or boyband-y. Even though we never were that, that’s kind of the image we had. People that like rock music might not like us just because we used to look pretty or have had short hair…just to get away from that we like to
separate the two, we like to CHANGE.”
Erin: “Did you write any songs on the new album?”
Bryan: “Yeah, every single song we wrote.”
Erin: “You recently changed your name obviously, and you already spoke about that, but where did it come from?”
Justin: “Stereo Motion, it’s kind of… ”
Brent: “A name.”
Justin: “Yeah we made it up.”
Dallas: “It’s like let the music move you.”
Bryan: “No actually we just made it up. What’s weird…here’s how we came up with it. Dallas and I were just brainstorming for names and we had like four or five names we put together and one was Stereo Motion. Then we got a brainstorming sheet that Justin had made like two days earlier. He had listed like a hundred names and one of them was Stereo Motion. So we both
kinda came up with it at that time and we just kinda were like ding, ding, ding. AHHH! It was like a coincidence.”
Brent: “Or it’s just a good name.”
Erin: “Who are each of your favorite artists?”
Bryan: “We have lots of them, we like the Beatles, they are timeless. I like music that’s timeless, not just music that is good because it’s new but music that is good because it is good. There are a lot of bands that have lasted for many, many years. I like artists that write songs that last a long time and have songs that last.”
Erin: “Are there any artists that you would like to tour with?”
Justin: “That’s possible or not possible?”
Erin: “Either.”
Justin: “U2 would be cool.”
Bryan: “Paul McCartney would be cool because sometimes I want to ask someone who’s been there what it was like. It would be cool to talk with him and maybe hang out with him.”Erin: “Do you have any crazy fan stories?”
Bryan: “We played a show in a 10,000 seat arena and we were signing and people were walking by. This girl comes up and she looked like she was motioning for me to give her a hug. So I leaned in with kind of a one-armed side thing and she kind of caught me off balance. She just kept moving. I thought she wanted to dance or something. And then she started like rubbing my back and stuff so I pushed her away. I was actually shaking. Then later on her friend pinched me in my rear. I just wanted to
knock some sense into her. We are not out here playing music for the rear.”
Dallas: “A girl asked me to sign her [chest] once.”
Justin: “A girl asked me to marry her once.”
Bryan: “I had one fan that kept asking me for hugs and I gave her like fifteen or more and finally I had to draw the line.” Erin: “Do you think you’ll make a video for any song on the new album or do you have any video concepts you’d like to do?”
Justin: “We actually kinda made two. One we made in Nashville and one we made by Bryan’s house.”
Bryan: “The one for ‘Tip of My Tounge’ the record company paid for and it’s going to be on our enhanced CD.”
Dallas: “You wanna see it [the one we made]?”
Bryan: “You can watch it and tell us what you think!”(After the video)…(By the way, it was really good. It was for “Ghost” and set in a cementary.)
Erin: “Stacie Orrico recently recorded an album and went secular with it. She has hit it big on MTV and such. What do you think about that and is it a path that you would like to follow?”
Justin: “It’s definitely something we would like to do.”
Bryan: “I don’t think we’d lose our focus. There are a lot of people out there that I know do. Their life’s goal is to crossover but that’s not our goal or focus so we wouldn’t lose our focus.” Erin: “Where do you guys see yourselves in five years?”
Bryan: “Two different places actually. If this album does well and people respond well to it, in five years I see myself performing. If not and I need something to fall back on I will probably be married and at the end of my college, graduating.”
Justin: “Umm, I’ll still be playing music and I’ll probably still be single.”
Dallas: “If the next record takes off I will still be in the band and if not I will probably be living in LA pursuing a film career, directing and stuff.”
Brent: “I won’t be a financial advisor or in engineering. Hopefully playing guitar.”
Justin/Bryan: “HaHa, (mocking Brent): Still playing guitar everywhere I go, All the while playing guitar.” Erin: “What are your goals over the next year you’d like to reach with the new album?”
Bryan: “I want one of our songs to be on a movie soundtrack and I think that’s achievable. I want to tour harder than we ever have. Do more shows and be booked more, and I want to have some sort of recognition in some arena of the secular music industry because I think to be in that market and to be successful in a Christian band… I think you have to have lyrics and a
lifestyle that’s different than in the Christian Music industry because a lot of bands in the Christian Music industry rewrite Jesus loves me and rewrite the Psalms which is good and important but there are also ways to write out your heart and to write more songs that have a deep meaning and are real to us, not just ‘I Praise the Lord.’ That would help us to be more real
in the way we act and focus on God.”


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