Black Conservative Runs for NC Office

I’m the black conservative United Press International recently called “the early favorite” to win the open seat in the 5th Congressional District of North Carolina. As the liberal media so often remind us, there has been no black Republican in Congress since J.C. Watts retired.
The Fox News Channel called me a “Rising Star” and “the next J.C. Watts” and said that I am “the new face of the Republican Party.”
The Wall Street Journal called me “the next black Republican Congressman” and predicted that my election in 2004 will help repair the damage done to the Republican Party by the Trent Lott controversy.

I want to make that prediction a reality. I want to force the liberals to face an aggressive, articulate defender of conservative, Judeo-Christian values who also happens to be black.
I want the liberals to squirm because they can’t call me a racist when I appear on national television to explain the conservative position in favor of law enforcement or welfare reform and against racial quotas or reparations for slavery.
The local press corps in my district shares the national media’s analysis of my candidacy:
“[Robinson] is a pugnacious city alderman with a national following . . . He’s
like a Rush Limbaugh candidate – a conservative’s conservative who has
been one of the principal spokesmen for the movement . . . he quashed an
attempt to take United Way funds away from Boy Scouts because of the
homosexuality issue . . . Smart. Outspoken. Able to raise money for a
campaign . . . Robinson offers the district a high profile, outspoken
conservative who can command a national stage . . . [and whose voice] will
be heard.”
— Davie County Enterprise-Record (May 9, 2003)
You may not have heard of me yet, but you’ll recognize the names of a lot of conservatives who have. In my campaigns for public office, I have been endorsed by Jesse Helms, Elizabeth Dole, Dick Armey, Gary Bauer, the NRA, Right-to-Life, Jack Kemp, Bill Bennett, Pat Buchanan, Pete du Pont, Vin Weber, Alan Keyes, Richard Petty, Tom Tancredo, and Jeb Bush.
President Bush honored me with an appointment in his administration and hired me to work on his campaign. That should give you a pretty good idea of where I stand.
As a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and former Missile Combat Crew Commander, I am a very strong supporter of our national defense, our liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq, and our war on terrorism. Right about now, with hundreds of thousands of troops in Iraq, I think the Congress might be able to use an Air Force Intelligence Officer who has a degree in Middle Eastern Studies.
I truly sense we are at a critical moment in American history with regard to national security issues. Our troops are in 120 countries around the world, yet we can’t defend our own border with Mexico. We have no shield against nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles, and it is becoming easier and easier for the bad guys to get them.
My alma mater, the United States Air Force Academy, recently found it had 23 illegal aliens working for it – more than the number that carried out the September 11 terrorist attacks two years ago. But these illegal aliens were actually working for a military service academy! I will secure our borders (even if that means using the military) and I will demand the vigorous enforcement of our immigration laws.
Communist North Korea has nuclear missiles that can reach American soil, and has openly bragged that it intends to sell nuclear weapons to terrorists if the United States makes it angry. Ronald Reagan may have destroyed the Soviet Union, but the world is by no means safe. Wouldn’t you rest better knowing that someone like me was keeping watch for you in Washington?

Currently I am the senior Republican member of the Winston-Salem City Council, where I represent a heavily Democrat district. In my last election I got an unheard-of 70% of the white vote and 20% of the black vote.
I am a proven vote-getter and the first black Republican candidate to get the votes of over one million white voters. I am the only black Republican in North Carolina who has been re-elected to partisan public office. In 2002, I ran 15 points ahead of our popular new Senator (Elizabeth Dole) in the precincts our races had in common. No other Republican can say that.
I earned the confidence of the voters and national conservative leaders the same way Ronald Reagan and Jesse Helms did – by being willing to stand up for my traditional American conservative principles – no matter what the political cost and no matter what the liberal media try to say about me.
I don’t head for the high grass when the Left turns up the heat. That’s just not my style. I put my trust in God, not my finger to the wind, and my record proves it.
The Democrat Party today is comprised of the Old Left, the New Left, and the What’s Left, and I’m proud to say my voting record has infuriated them all:
– the gun grabbers,
– the environmentalist granolas,
– the globalists who worship at the altar of the United Nations,
– the pro-abortion fanatics,
– the radical feminists,
– the burned-out hippie peaceniks,
– the animal rights extremists,
– the high priests & priestesses of political correctness,
– the militant homosexuals,
– the racial agitators,
– the socialists posing as journalists & college professors,
– the union bosses (especially the teachers unions),
– the government bureaucrats,
– the tax-and-spend junkies, and
– the Hollywood elitists.v
In all my years in elective office, I have NEVER voted for a tax increase. PERIOD.
After taking my MBA in Quantitative Methods, I was a college business professor for ten years. I know whereof I speak when I say that the current tax code discourages the very things that create economic prosperity: work, savings, and investment.
Workers should be able to keep their entire paycheck and retirees should be able to keep their entire pension. As a Congressman, I will emancipate Americans from the bondage of over-taxation by introducing the Fair Tax (already co-sponsored by 32 Congressmen including Majority Leader Tom DeLay) to scrap the current tax code and replace it with a simpler, fairer national sales tax.
The Fair Tax would abolish the IRS and end all audits of individual taxpayers. No individual would ever have to file a tax return again. Best of all, it would repeal all individual income taxes, corporate taxes, payroll taxes including Social Security and Medicare taxes (without affecting benefits), self-employment taxes, estate taxes, gift taxes, and capital gains taxes.
The Fair Tax will eliminate the hidden, embedded taxes that inflate the sales prices on everything we buy. American-made products would finally become competitive in overseas markets because the sales tax would be applicable to only new goods and services and only at the point of final purchase for consumption. Government cannot create jobs – but tax cuts can and do!
I will also introduce legislation to repeal the 16th Amendment (the one that gave Congress the power to levy income taxes) and replace it with an Amendment to the United States Constitution that will require that a “supermajority” of two-thirds of both houses of Congress must vote for any tax increase before it can become law.
I am pro-Constitution, pro-national sovereignty, pro-business, pro-property rights, pro-growth, pro-family, pro-farmer, pro-states’ rights, pro-Pledge of Allegiance, pro-gun, and pro-life.
I support the death penalty and am disgusted that there are people who believe a convicted murderer like Charles Manson has a right to life, but unborn children do not. I will not be bashful about using my seat in Congress to expose the hidden holocaust of prenatal homicide.
A nationally recognized expert on education reform, I authored North Carolina’s Charter Schools Act and founded two non-profit corporations. One promotes school choice and the other provides scholarships to private schools for poor children from inner-city homes.
Today’s public schools are caught between the massive government bureaucracy and the vile teachers’ unions. Most of the public schools serving the inner city are nothing but pre-prison, pre-welfare programs for the students sentenced to attend them. The answer is market-based reform, not “Midnight Basketball” and more wasteful spending.
I will always fight for what’s right and you will always know where I stand. After Senator Rick Santorum was attacked by the militant homosexual lobby, most of his fellow Republicans hid under their desks and said “no comment” when the reporters called. I am one of the few Republican elected officials who publicly defended Santorum.
Santorum committed an unforgivable political sin in the eyes of the liberal media when he repeated the same thing that both the Bible and the Supreme Court (until it’s recent ruling in the Texas sodomy case) have to say about homosexuality.
The Left called for Santorum’s resignation and Hillary Clinton even “condemned” his remarks. I can only imagine what Hillary will say about me when I arrive on Capitol Hill!
As a black Republican, I will be especially reviled by the Left. That’s because I will beable to say the kinds of things many conservatives are afraid to say out of fear that the liberal media will brand them racist.
For instance, the greatest threat facing young blacks today has nothing to do with white racism (and certainly not the harmless display of a Confederate flag) – it is ILLEGITIMACY, which has reached a shameful 71% among American blacks.
A lack of morality and personal responsibility is at the root of the problem. And I will be the Congressman who can change the federal government’s welfare system that encourages and rewards such behavior.
I will not be bashful about insisting that the federal government abolish all racial preferences, quotas, and set-asides. I was so outraged by the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in the Michigan law school case (allowing race to determine who is admitted into public colleges) that I am already working with legal scholars to devise a lawful means for Congress to withhold federal funds from any institution (private or public) that uses race in its admissions process.
My record on this issue is particularly strong. It was my lawsuit against the University of North Carolina that put an end to its practice of electing trustees according to strict racial and gender quotas and providing blacks-only scholarships at taxpayer expense.
As you can see, I’m NOT a Jackson/Sharpton kind of black guy. In fact, while Al Sharpton was defaming New York law enforcement officers by falsely claiming they raped Tawana Brawley in an alley, I was working hard on the Winston-Salem City Council to get raises for our policemen.
And while Jesse Jackson was chasing women and television cameras and shaking down corporations for contributions so he could pay hush money to his concubine for their love child, I was serving my country, earning an honest living, and working hard at raising a God-fearing family.
Jackson and I have very different notions of what a family is. For Jackson and many left-wing public figures, a family can be everything from “Hillary Clinton’s Village” or “Heather Has Two Mommies” or “Daddy’s Roommate” to a transvestite, two lesbians, a pedophile, and a partridge in a pear tree. In my opinion, that does not a family make.
The son of a Tuskegee Airman and a nurse, I was raised in a Christian home by parents who taught me right from wrong. My concept of family is the same as the one God ordained in the Garden of Eden thousands of years ago – one man, married to one woman, with so many children as God should see fit to entrust to their care.
In my case, that means me, Helene (my wife of 20 years), and our three children, the youngest two of whom we adopted when their mother died of cancer at 41.
I can assure you I will not bow to the forces of political correctness on social issues. I will vigorously oppose homosexual marriages and adoptions, as well as “gay” Scoutmasters.
I just don’t see how it’s a good idea to put a homosexual in a pup tent with your thirteen year-old son. And yet the liberals call us bigoted for saying that. What is the world coming to?
As an Eagle Scout myself, I was furious when the United Way threatened to withhold funding from the Boy Scouts unless atheists and homosexuals were allowed to serve as Scoutmasters. I organized a counter-threat to boycott contributions to the United Way unless it backed off the Scouts – and it quickly did just that.
Dr. James Dobson featured my story on his Focus on the Family radio program and called it a victory for people of faith across the nation.
That’s the same aggressive spirit I will bring to Washington, if you’ll help me.
I’m sure you’ve heard that our Supreme Court has just discovered a right to commit homosexual sodomy somewhere in “our living constitution.” I haven’t been able to find such a right anywhere in my copy; what about you? Can homosexual marriage and adoption (favored by my opposition) be far away?
Now is definitely not the time to relax. Now, more than ever, we need Congressmen who will stand up for us on the tough issues and not waffle even when everyone else heads for the hills.
You will be delighted to hear that as of the end of the last reporting period my campaign has raised over a quarter-million dollars! Mine is the only campaign in the 5th District with contributions from every county in the district, and from every state in the nation!
Conservative organizations such as the Club for Growth and Black America’s PAC have made contributions. In fact, even 12 Generals and 60 Colonels have become contributors.
More than TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE have already responded to my promise to fight the loony Left on every issue, no matter what the political cost, and I thank God for each and every one of them.
That’s the good news.
The bad news is that during that same reporting period my liberal millionaire opposition raised (primarily through loans) more than twice what I was able to raise (over a half-million dollars), and has promised to spend even more to defeat me. Ouch!
My family budget doesn’t have that kind of money. I’ve never tried to make one dime off of my status as a Winston-Salem City Councilman. I sure didn’t get rich in the Air Force either, or as a college professor, and I didn’t inherit any millions. (My dad was in the service and my mother was a nurse.) My wife is a librarian for goodness’ sake!
We’re just simple people trying to fight our way through all the millionaires (who all seem to want to buy a seat in Congress) with our simple, conservative message of limited government, a strong national defense, and a Congress whose policies reflect a Judeo-Christian ethic.
My mother always said, “Many hands make light work,” and once again her wisdom lifts my spirits. If every good conservative like you gives what he or she can, together we will get our message out, we will match the millionaires dollar for dollar, and we will win this election.
Unlike my opposition, I cannot loan my campaign a million dollars. Unlike my opposition, I won’t receive another million dollars from the Left’s usual suspects – the trial lawyers, feminists, teachers’ unions, homosexual activists, environmentalist extremists, etc. That’s why I hope and pray you will lend me a hand. Whatever amount you can give, please make your contribution today.
I know that President George W. Bush and Majority Leader Tom DeLay can sure use my help on Capitol Hill. Please pray for this campaign, and send the most generous gift you can as soon as you can. And may God bless you as He has blessed America.
Robinson for Congress
P.O. Box 302-A
Winston-Salem, NC 27102-0302


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