Stephen Baldwin’s ‘Livin’ It’ – a Movie Review

‘Livin’ It’ – Stephen Baldwin with Various Artists, (PalauFest Productions);”
In an effort to channel America’s youth with the message of God, actor Stephen Baldwin has put together this action-packed skate/BMX DVD featuring some of today’s top athletes in their respective sports. Featured on the disc, which was produced by Kevin Palau, are such athletes as Tim Byrne (currently top technical freestyle skateboarder), Sierra Fellers (winner at 2004 Tampa Am) and Bruce Crisman (gold medallist 2001 X Games, 2003 Latin X games).
Using very little dialogue, the DVD is a non-stop mix of extreme stunts, driving music and athlete interaction. The stuntwork featured is pretty amazing (and at times dizzying), with all the usual suspect props being used (stairs, railings, ramps and walls). You’ll also encounter the occasional “wipeout” as well. Each athlete has his own performance segment, which is backed by some of today’s hottest Christian music. Linking these segments are mini interludes featuring Stephen interacting with the athletes, whether it be them eating, playing around or pulling pranks. Some of these are pretty funny, especially the one where Stephen’s KOA fanny-pack is taken. The bonus features are what really add to the effect of the disc, with the point being to evangelize to the extreme sports crowd. Included in the bonus section are music videos, outakes, interviews with athletes and Stephen’s testimony, as well as an evangelistic message from skate pastor Paul Anderson. You’ll also be treated to the short film “Where It All Began”, which tells how Stephen came up with the idea for this DVD.
With its high-octane mix of sport, music and interaction, Livin It’ succeeds at reaching its target audience…teens. If you know someone who enjoys skateboarding or BMX, get them a copy of this DVD. Sure to inspire, this DVD comes highly recommended!
Rick Campbell is host of The Christian Music Corner,


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