Dave Bainbridge — Veil of Gossamer

Dave Bainbridge is better known as one of the cofounders of the band Iona. While he may not be a household name in CCM circles, he has drawn critical acclaim with his innovative project, Veil of Gossamer.
Veil of Gossamer is a concept album based on an event in the life of Saint Cuthbert. The theme is the thin veil that separates this world and the next and how the two worlds intersect across that veil. Recurreing melodies flow through the CD, connecting it into one cohesive piece.
Veil combines the Celtic sounds of Moya Brennan and Clannad with progressive and new age rock. Bainbridge personally plays some 15 instruments on the album and is joined by several other artists including fellow Iona member Joanne Hogg.
Dave co-founded Iona with the band’s former woodwind player, David Fitzgerald, in the summer of 1989. He, Joanne and Troy form the band’s main writing partnership and he has produced all eight of the albums so far. Dave has performed with Buddie Guy and in 1990 was one of the nominees in the category of ‘Instrumentalist of the Year’ in the British Blues Connections awards. He has also worked with artists including Gloria Gaynor and Phil Keaggy and has worked as a producer with Maire (Moya) Brennan of Clannad.
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