Sound-Bites from God



Many of you have either heard me tell my story, or read the recounting of it in my book, of the situation in my life that caused me to learn the second most important lesson of my life. (That would, of course, be after learning of God’s love and plan of salvation for me through Jesus.)
As a brief reminder, it was during the years I was on “The Facts of Life” and I gained a lot of weight. Through that difficult experience I learned that I was trying to fill up the emptiness inside with food where only Jesus will every truly satisfy. I discovered the importance of daily “feeding” on Him through His word and in prayer. Making my time with Jesus a priority everyday has been a cornerstone of my life and message.
Now, believe me, I understand how difficult this can be for a mother. When my kids were little they woke up before dawn. The thought of my rising before the sun did was an exhausting option. On the other hand, if I waited until I went to bed to talk with Jesus, I inevitably would fall asleep mid-sentence.
You know what? If I understand, then you can bet your heavenly Father understands. He knows the season of life you are in and how difficult it is to find a spare moment to “enjoy a meal with Him.” That is why I believe the Lord often speaks to mothers in sound-bites. He understands that although we would love to feast on His word, sometimes it is all we can do to grab a quick snack.
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