Grace Abounds



I hate flying. So naturally, as I write, I am 32,000 feet above the ground.

An old pastor of mine once said that those who don’t like to fly don’t enjoy it because they have to give up all sense of control and completely trust the pilot (and who knows what kind of day he is having!).

I have been going over that idea in my mind a lot lately –
giving up my need for control. This year has been incredible for me. I’ve experienced more than I could have possibly imagined, but it’s also
been a time of tremendous challenges and changes.

When my husband and I arrived in Nashville it was raining, cold and dark. As we were sliding down a hill attempting to unload our furniture, I remember thinking “Now this was a bad idea. How in the world did we get here?!”

It’s a question I’m still asking and all the evidence leads
to the same conclusion: God. It sounds simple, but everyday I find a new thread of Him in my life. and the more I discover, the more amazed I am that He loves me that much.

Moving to Nashville was truly a leap of faith for me, one of the few I feel I’ve taken. And as I reminisce over the last year, I see how God not only held me while leapt and made certain my landing was soft, but
got me in shape to make the jump in the first place. And the great thing is, He continues to do so.

There are days when I feel particularly lazy and far from God. I get this image in my mind of God holding on to me as I am desperately trying to get away from Him.

I get loose sometimes, but He never lets me go too
far. I am so thankful for that. In His grace He continues to bless me and this music even when I do nothing to help Him, even when I ignore Him.

I look back on my life, through old high school year books and collections of college papers and exams (why do I still have this stuff?) and realize that God has taken such care with me. He was an integral part of my life even before I knew Him.

When I was asked to write this article I wasn’t sure what I could possibly have to say. But now I write a letter of gratitude, a note of thanks and praise to a God who too often goes unnoticed and unthanked in my life.

He has blessed me beyond measure, dragging me kicking and
screaming to His table. Imagine what He could do if I took more leaps of faith, gave up my control and really trusted the pilot.

Thank you Lord.

Grace abounds. I couldn’t ask for more.
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