The Enclave by Karen Hancock

The Enclave
by Karen Hancock, is a Christian science fiction novel full of intrigue and mystery. Lacey McHenry is thrilled to be invited to join the staff at the prestigious Kendall-Jakes Longevity Institute. However, she is assigned a menial job and finds the institute both intimidating and a little strange. Things get even stranger when she is attacked by a bizarre intruder late one night in the animal lab.
The Institute covers up Lacy’s attack, even hinting Lacy is experiencing emotional problems. However, soon the Institute’s director, Swain, begins to take a personal interest in Lacy and advances her career. But a brilliant and sometimes absent-minded, genetic researcher named Cameron Reinhardt, whose Christian beliefs have already put him at odds with most of the staff, puts doubts in Lacy’s mind about what the Institute is really up to.
While Reinhardt is haunted by his own dark past, Lacy learns a few women have disappeared over the years from the Institute. She begins to suspect a cover up of some magnitude, but she isn’t sure her fears are legitimate, nor is she sure who she can trust.
The plot line and characters are intriguing up to this point, and I had a hard time putting The Enclave down. However, Hancock tries to do too much with The Enclave. Near the end, a new set of supernatural characters is introduced, and a book with great promise and potential dissolves fairly quickly. It’s unfortunate that an unsatisfactory ending becomes what a reader remembers most about a book, because The Enclave has a lot to offer Christian readers.
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