‘Shakedown:The Life & Lies of the Reverend Jesse Jackson’

For decades Jesse Jackson has been an icon for the media with his own show on CNN. Other than news about his recent extra-marital affair, his private life has remained a closed book. However, according to NewsMax.com, that book is about to be opened.
“Shakedown: The Life & Lies of the Reverend Jesse Jackson” by author Ken Timmerman makes shocking allegations including:
* How Jackson allegedly personally profited from “non-profit” groups whose funds were intended to help poor minorities and civil rights
* How Jackson allegedly used his “public service” image to live the lifestyle of Donald Trump: jets, top class hotels, million dollar homes – the best of everything
* How Jackson allegedly earned the name “Action Jackson” because of his voracious appetite for women
* How Jackson allegedly used his complaints of racism against major corporations as a method of out-and-out extortion and blackmail in order to reap millions for himself and his organizations
* The special relationship Jackson formed with Bill Clinton during the Monica affair and how Jackson allegedly got millions in taxpayer funds for being a Democratic Party mouthpiece
* Jackson was allegedly not anointed by Martin Luther King to be his heir.
* Jackson was allegedly never an ordained a minister.
* Jackson was allegedly never poor or victimized by racism, as he has alleged.
“Shakedown” allegedly reports on Jackson’s ties to the Chicago mob and his “ruthless” methods: “Beatings, death threats, career destruction and verbal assaults that border on incitement to murder are all staples of the Jackson Treatment.”
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