Shadow Over Kiriath



The memorable story of Abramm Kalladorne continues in the riveting third book in the epic series, Legends of the Guardian-King. Abramm, the fifth son of the king of Kiriath, who was sold into slavery by his brothers, has survived the horrific games of the Esurhites, has bested the monstrous kraggin, barely survived the demonic morwhol, and won the kingdom of Kiriath. Now as he finally takes his rightful place on the throne of Kiriath, new forces and old enemies conspire against him.
Disfigured in his battle with the morwhol, Abramm not only must face his people for the first time since the attack, but he also agrees to an alliance through marriage to the beautiful First Daughter of neighboring Chesedh as part of his preparation for the coming Esurhite army. However, in spite of his denials and best intentions, his growing feelings for the plainer but more spiritual Second Daughter threaten that alliance while his insecurities over his marred face and body threaten to pull him towards the Shadow. Meanwhile, forces of evil are moving against Kiriath, and the enemy has planted a trusted and powerful traitor near the king.
Just when I thought I could not care for these characters any more than I already did, Karen Hancock works her magic to weave a tale of passionate love, heartbreaking betrayal, and spiritual warfare culminating in one of the most heart-wrenching cliff-hanger endings imaginable.
These books stand on their own as great literature, but the spiritual truths in each book will resonate with fans of Tolkien, Peretti and Lewis. Book one paid homage to the story of Joseph in Egypt. Book three pays a powerful tribute to the suffering Christ. For Narnia fans let me say if you love Aslan, you will love Abramm.Book 1:The Light of Eidon book review

Book 2:The Shadow Within book reviewBook 3:Shadow Over Kiriath book review

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