Leap of Faith

This debate always comes up around Christmas time, I suppose because that’s the time when more people are exposed to spiritual ideas than probably at any other time. It’s the time when people who refuse to believe in anything spiritual — probably because the consequences of such beliefs frighten them so much — will go to the greatest lengths imaginable to deny things which are so obviously true.
There was a story on the radio — I forget the specific details — that a court or perhaps a school board somewhere in Pennsylvania had ruled that the theory of intelligent design was not to be taught as a possible alternative to the theory of evolution. It’s not “scientific” enough, you see.
Oh, really?
Those who believe in God are portrayed as having made a “leap of faith,” while atheists, we are told, “have their feet planted firmly on the ground.”

Oh, really?
Without an Intelligent Designer, we are supposed to believe that the universe in all its complexity just sort of fell together on its own. Well, now, that’s scientific, isn’t it? That’s based on clear observation and interpretation of the evidence, isn’t it? After all, put a bunch of watch parts in a box, shake the box for a few minutes, and voila! you have a working watch that keeps perfect time! I mean, who hasn’t done that a hundred times?
And how many times have we seen tornados rip through Detroit and leave behind thousands of shiny new Cadillacs which run perfectly?
Of course, you have to start out with the right parts that are made to fit together in the first place …
And, of course, even simple living organisms are far more complex than a watch or an automobile, to say nothing of whole systems of organisms living together …
And yet we are to believe that one day someone tripped over a bucket of atoms and molecules and before anyone could clean up the mess, behold there was the universe!
You tell me who’s making a leap of faith.
You tell me who has his feet on the ground.
“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” Romans 1:22
“The foolishness of God is wiser than men …” 1 Corinthians 1:25
There was a time when Gallileo was forced to recant because his teaching that the Earth revolved around the Sun was regarded as heresy. Well, today, the powers that be will not allow the common sense truth that this universe had a Designer to be taught. Perhaps someday today’s “heresy” will be accepted as Gallileo’s is. But this we know … Truth will triumph.
It always does.
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