Serving Him

Once, when Moses was seeking a solution to a problem, he was very surprised when he heard God ask him, “What is
that in your hand?”
It wasn’t a sceptre, a royal edict, or even the rich kingly clothes Moses had been accustomed to wear in the court of
Pharaoh the King. No, it was a staff, only a common stick or rod which he used while shepherding the sheep. Perhaps
he had even made it himself.
We could be forgiven for thinking that God would even have noticed it, much less use it, but He did. Moses consecrated
his rod to God, and ever afterwards he spoke of it as ?the rod of God?. Who would have dreamed that God would have
done so much with so little, yet He did. The plagues in Egypt appeared and disappeared as the rod was used at His
command. The passage through the Red Sea opened up when the rod was used, and when the people were in the
wilderness and got thirsty, it was the rod striking the rock that let the waters flow. God used the obedience of Moses, to
bring about great things for others.
Again and again God has asked other people in other days the same thing: ‘What is that in your hand?’
David answered, ‘A sling and a few smooth stones out of the brook.’ Consecrated to God they became mightier than the
flashing sword of Goliath.
Mary, to the same question answered, ‘Lord, only a box of sweet smelling ointment’, but, broken at the feet of her
Master, the fragrance of her gift filled the house where they were, and her gift of love and sacrifice has been remembered
ever since.
There are many more instances recorded in the bible of people who gave the little they had and God blessed them and
others for it. Remember the miracle of the loaves and small fish? A young lad gave what he had, Jesus blessed it, and
the food fed thousands.
We may feel we have little to give or use in the Lord’s service, but He has given us unique abilities and special gifts, to
exercise for the enrichment and growth of others.
You don’t feel as if you have any gifts?
What about your voice, your pen, hammer, musical instrument, hospitality, baking for those in need, cleaning the
church? These are just a few suggestions.
God doesn’t need a special gift, just a willingness to be used.
“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of
God.” 1 Pet.4:10 NASB
If we give our all, we will soon see how God can multiply and use those gifts to His glory.


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