Richard Frieden at December 20 For Zion’s Sake Meeting

“You who call upon the Lord give yourselves no rest, give Him no rest until
He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.”
Thank you, men and women of God, for keeping your eyes on Yeshua/Jesus, the
Author and Finisher of our faith. Keeping your eyes on Him so you do not
get afraid or discouraged by all that is happening in the world. Remember
that millions are coming to faith daily. Remember that God is the One Who
protects us in times of distress and persecution, in times of war and
Most of you know Richard (Ayal) Frieden, who works with youth in Israel. I
had a note from him the other day after the Jerusalem suicide bombers hit
the mall. Some of his youth had friends who were killed.
Richard not only has a youth center in the disco area of Jerusalem, he also
has Heart Rock TV that is on both Israeli TV and on Mid East TV. Now he
believes he needs another center in the downtown area of Jerusalem, a coffee
house/counseling center. He has the youth and others who would staff it.
Please keep praying about all this-that he will get the financial and other
support needed, that he will be wise in all his decisions. (Just a note; I
serve on his advisory board.)
Richard is planning to be in the US during December and will be at our
December 20 Zion’s Sake meeting. Marty Goetz and I will be there as well,
but I want you to plan to be there if possible.
And please also consider having Richard come to some of your smaller
meetings during the days just prior to and following that Dec 20th date.
We need to spread the word about his work with youth.
Hope to see you on Thursday night the 20th.


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