Out of the Skillet; into the Fire!

Critically acclaimed and top rock band Skillet recently completed its Alien Youth headline tour in Memphis, home to its label, Ardent Records. The 44-city tour encompassed strategic markets such as Seattle, Dallas, Columbus, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Charlotte and Atlanta. Amid a string of major Pop, Country and Christian tours that have been cancelled due to the recent economy and the “cocooning” phenomenon, the group continued to fill performance venues with “panheads,” a term affectionately given to Skillet fans.
“I wondered if the tragedies would cause the tour to suffer, but it had no effect on our concerts’ attendance,” says Skillet leader, John Cooper. “We had the highest numbers that we’ve ever had and saw more decisions for Christ than ever.
“The crowds were very energetic and receptive to the message. I think the reason that we saw more excitement and radical energy for Christ was because of Sept. 11. We definitely felt that from our audiences.”
Skillet is currently gearing up to perform for more than 80,000 additional fans during nine scheduled Acquire the Fire tour dates beginning January 26. Over the course of its career, with more than 200 performances each year, Skillet has developed a consistently large and loyal fan base, becoming both a critic’s favorite as well as a youth group standard with its ministry oriented and aggressive, creative, and cutting-edge style. More information on Skillet’s performances and Acquire the Fire tour cities/dates can be found at alienyouth or acquirethefire.
Released August 28, Alien Youth has almost doubled the amount of sales than its previous fastest selling project sold in the same amount of time. Alien Youth garnered No. 1 on SoundScan’s Rock sales chart, No. 4 on the coveted Billboard’s Heatseekers Album Chart and it recently made its way onto Billboard Magazine’s Top Internet Album Sales chart. Furthermore, Skillet celebrated two consecutive No. 1 singles from its fastest selling album to date, Alien Youth. The project’s title cut held the No. 1 position on the Rock chart for six consecutive weeks and its second single, “You Are My Hope,” became the group’s first ever No. 1 on the CHR chart.
Also in November, Skillet announced the release of its much anticipated youth Bible study curriculum designed to promote a radical commitment to Christ and to support the call to action expressed by the songs on its current project, Alien Youth. Written by John and Korey Cooper of Skillet, the five-part study, entitled “The Alien Youth Encounter,” focuses on making changes through Bible study, prayer, involvement in a local church and discipleship with other Christians. Available free of charge, the Bible study can be found at alienyouth.
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