More than a torch…….

Tammy Trent will be caring the Olympic Torch Sunday, December 16th at 7:00am in the Madison, TN area. Her relay segment will be on Galitan Parkway from Historic Manskers Station to Shephard Hills Dr. Tammy will be running in place of her husband, Trent Lenderink. Tammy tragically lost her husband to a diving accident in Jamaica, on September 10, 2001.
Tammy will be carrying more than a torch, she will be holding a flame that represents the inferno of love, for her husband Trent. Tammy had nominated him and was notified after his death that her nomination was accepted and Trent was chosen for the honor! The letter of acceptance stated that he was chosen to be the “guardian of the flame.” How fitting for a man who dedicated his life to boldly and passionately serving the Lord Jesus Christ! His life was already ordained and chosen by the living God to be the “guardian and servant of the One true Flame”! Tammy said that the sleeve of her jacket reads “light the fire within”! How poetic for a couple who dedicated their lives to ministry! It will be a powerful statement when Tammy runs with this Olympic torch.
They reached out to so many and sacrificed so much because of their love for Jesus. Now it is our chance as the body of Christ to stand behind Tammy, with an Olympic size prayer blanket! After reading this article, make sure to cover her in prayer and put her on your personal prayer list. Don’t forget that individuals in ministry need prayer, and they too have needs and seasons of sorrow! They are usually hit harder and stronger by the enemy because of they have stepped out to serve God! With that said and satan staying true to his character, he will attack Tammy relentlessly at this time of mourning! He will discourage and try to keep her from using the gifts and talents the Lord has blessed her with! Your prayers can be so affective in this spiritual battle and will be felt by this precious child of God!
We can intercede for Tammy, call on Him and He will provide the spiritual, emotional and physical comfort that Tammy needs! So throughout the Olympic Games, remember Tammy and lift her up in prayer every time you see the Olympic logo, especially the torch! Let’s join together and condition “the Body of Christ” and flex our prayer muscle!
For more information on Tammy or the Olympic Torch visit, tammytrent or torchbearers. Especially pray for Tammy on the day as she runs, in tribute to Trent!
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