Easy-to-Read Bengali Bible released in West Bengal

The Easy-to-Read Bengali Bible was released Sunday, December 2, in Uluberia, a rural area some 30 miles outside of Calcutta in West Bengal. Over 200 church members and visiting evangelists from the surrounding areas attended the release ceremony. Some evangelists traveled two hours by bus to attend.
Richard Loh, the Translation Center’s Director of Distribution described how the enthusiastic crowd of Bengali Indians found the translation very helpful. “You should have seen their faces,” he said.
Following Loh’s message in which the Translation Center’s Bengali Bible was quoted heavily, Piyus Dey, an evangelist working in over 100 villages said, ³WBTC’s translation is so easy to understand and it is really written in the common language. It will help Christians reaching out to Hindus in the rural areas.” Dey said that 80 percent of his work is among villagers who have a very low level of education. “It’s timely, very needed and certainly will be helpful in our outreach in West Bengal,” he added.
Evangelist Barun Kumar Samui, a convert from Hinduism, read portions of the Bible during the church service. “It is so clear and easy to understand,” he said. “It is written in the language we speak in the villages.”
Ardhendu Sinha, minister for the Uluberia congregation commented that, “Most of the villages in this area have very low literacy levels. This translation is very easy to read and understand. It will help us in the outreach to our community.”
The Bengali Bible is the seventh full Bible in an Indian language released by the Translation Center. The Center has also released 13 Indian language New Testaments and translation work on Indian language Old Testaments continues. The Center hopes to announce the release of the Punjabi and Urdu Bibles late next year.
World Bible Translation Center exists to provide accurate, easy-to-understand translations of God’s Word in the world’s major languages. More than 4 million of the Center’s Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture portions were distributed during the year 2001.
The Center’s first translation was the ground breaking Easy-to-Read English Bible, which enjoys popularity worldwide as a ministry tool. The text’s easy-to-understand style is prized by church planters and cherished by seekers. It is equally valued by long-time students of the Word who find it consistently gives them fresh insights into divine truth. To visit the Translation Center’s web site go towbtc.

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