PTA Says PFOX Families Not Welcome at PTA Convention



Charles (‘Chuck’) Saylors, hailed as the first male president of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA), has rejected a pro-family organization’s request to exhibit at the national PTA convention. Although the PTA allows gay rights groups to exhibit, Saylors rejected the exhibit application of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX).
PFOX is a family organization that educates the public on the message of hope and support for students, families and educators affected by homosexuality, gender confusion, and school bullying.
According to the PTA’s website, Saylors is a Southern Baptist deacon, attends Forestville Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina and is the past president of the South Carolina PTA.
“PFOX emailed the PTA for eight months while seeking a response to our request for an exhibit booth at the annual PTA convention,” said Regina Griggs, executive director of PFOX. “We also left voice mail messages for Saylors.”
“But Saylors chose not to speak with PFOX. Instead, he sent an email accusing us of not meeting the PTA’s ‘Diversity and Inclusion Policy.'” (See Saylor’s email at
“Why is it gay groups meet the PTA Diversity and Inclusion Policy but our families do not? ‘Diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ should mean exactly that — diversity and inclusion of everyone,” said Griggs. (See PFOX email to PTA at
“Instead, gay groups like PFLAG that deny public access to ex-gays and disrupt church events welcoming former homosexuals are approved by the PTA while ex-gay groups are not,” said Griggs.
“Now the PTA is pressuring its state PTA chapters nationwide to adopt its biased national diversity policy, which includes ‘sexual orientation,’ even though that term is selectively used to discriminate against people of faith and ex-gay families.”
“The PTA has become a left-wing advocacy group instead of serving the needs of all children,” said Griggs.
Chuck Saylors can be contacted at or for inquiries why PFOX families are not welcome at the June 10 PTA conference in Memphis.
You can also contact your state PTA and ask them to not adopt the national PTA’s diversity policy because it does not include all families. Or ask them to rescind ‘sexual orientation’ in their policies until the national PTA stops using it against families. Otherwise, consider joining the PTO, Parent Teacher Organization.
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