Plus One Question

I was talking to a guy I met at the last Plus One concert. We sang with them together. =) Anyhow, he’s all excited that Plus One is coming back to Chicago on Sept 7. I got upset because I’m going to college in Miami & I leave on Aug 14. Then…I realize that Plus One is supposed to be in Disney World on Sept 7 & 8 – I was planning to find someone with a car at Miami who also wanted to see them. I go to the website – it says Disney World on the 7th, but this guy got an email from some concert website & it said Chicago on Sept 7.
Do you know where they’re gonna be????
Hi Melanie,
The nice folks at Plus One’s management company sent us this email:
Plus One will be at Disney World on September 7th & 8th. Hope that helps!
There you have it! Hope you get to go, and write us a review!

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