Nelson Publishes New Christian Dictionary

An authoritative and comprehensive guide
to all things Christian, Nelson’s New Christian Dictionary is set to arrive
in CBA retail stores in March 2001.
This unique dictionary covers over 10,000 words in clear, accessible entries.
The dictionary provides the most up-to-date information on doctrine,
worship, literature, history, music, and virtually everything related to
In addition to the 10,000 articles, Nelson’s New Christian Dictionary
features more than 20 appendixes. One consists of a denominational comparison
chart, contrasting beliefs and organizations. Others provide lists and
overviews of more than a dozen key topics such as 100 most important events
in Christian history, a century-by-century survey, great hymns, key Christian
books and authors, and more.
A special endcap display will feature a podium where customers can easily
browse through the dictionary. A free book comes with the display which
holds 12 dictionaries.
Nelson’s New Christian Dictionary was edited by George Kurian, a professional
editor of more than 50 works, including the World Christian Encyclopedia.
Nelson’s Reference & Electronic Publishing Division has been honored with
numerous Silver and Gold Medallion Awards for excellence in publishing.
Nelson reference books make up 44% of the top 50 best-selling reference
titles, according to the Christian Booksellers Association’s Marketplace
Magazine. The company is based in Nashville, Tennessee.


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