Artist Updates: January 2001

Featuring Buddy and Julie Miller, True Vibe, PFR, Tree63, Sandi Patty, Jaci Velasquez, Britney Spears, Rebecca St. James, All Star United, Creed, Point of Grace, Jill Phillips, OC Supertones, Caedmon’s Call, Avalon, Ginny Owens, Twila Paris, Sixpence None the Richer, P.O.D. and more!
1/30/01 The founding member of Essential Records’ new pop group True Vibe, Jonathan Lippmann, who is also multi-platinum 98 Degrees’ founding original member, gave his testimony at Universal Studios in Los Angeles before a crowd of more than 1000 youth leaders. The event was in support of True Vibe’s upcoming debut album, set or May 15, and its performance at Rock the Universe to be held March 24 at Universal Studios. Following Lippmann’s presentation, he signed autographs and met with ForeFront recording artist Stacie Orrico, who also appeared at
the event.
1/26/01 PFR is returning after their break up at the height of their musical career. Since recording the song “Kingdom Come” on the recent compilation album Roaring Lambs, the band decided it was time to revive the group and record another album. PFR hit the studio in Arizona on January 8th to begin recording their fifth album, which is said to have an “Arizona flavor.” Sources say they will conclude production on the album with three weeks of recording in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the new album is reportedly due out this summer.
1/21/01 Essential Records’ new pop group True Vibe, formed by multi-platinum 98 Degrees’ founding original member, Jonathan Lippmann, were recently introduced to three-time Grammy-nominated band and label-mates Third Day. The groups met following an Essential Records sales conference event.
1/24/01 Tree63 scored a #1 with their first single in the United States and third single in South Africa, “Treasure”, on CCM Update’s CHR chart and on 5fm, South Africa’s premier secular rock station, respectively. Of the first three Tree63 singles in South Africa, two now have gone #1 and the other #2 on 5fm as well as other radio stations both secular and Christian. Word has it that their second international single, “Stumbling Stone” topped East London radio station, Link FM, for more than 6 consecutive weeks!
1/19/01 MTV has been running a series of specials on hate. A recent episode was on homosexuality. The homosexual guest gave out a web address for “support”; (he said it as “glisten-dot-org”). The Christian band, Glisten’s web site is Needless to say, they have been getting a ton of hits recently. They have received a lot of e-mails from confused viewers of the program and have put a link to a Christian ministry to homosexuals on their cover page. This could be a huge ministry and opportunity for Glisten.
1/15/01 Inauguration news: Sandi Patty will be singing the “Star Spangled Banner” at the Official Opening Ceremonies of the Inauguration on Thursday evening. She will be joined by a live orchestra, fire-works and a parachute jump. Also performing that evening will be Latin singer Ricky Martin. Sandy has performed for four Presidents of the United States. Jaci Velasquez has been confirmed for an event during the four-day celebration.Michael W. Smith will attend the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast on Sunday, January 21st. Story under Articles.
1/14/01 Though recently finding themselves without a label, All Star United has put out a 5 song EP called “Let’s Get Crazy” and plan a full length tour in the first half of 2001 with or without a record deal.
The new album from Rebecca St. James, “Transform,” has hit stores worldwide. Rebecca seems to have also gone somewhat blond since this photo was taken.
Speaking of blondes, Britney Spears has been named a saint by The Church of England who awarded her the title for her virtuous stand on abstinence. “I’m a Christian. I go to church. But my mom taught us to not be ashamed of our bodies, it’s a beautiful thing,” says the skimpily-clad teen songstress.
1/13/01 While still maintaining that the band is not christian despite their own personal beliefs, Creed is finding its way into the Christian music market via radio with the release of their popular “Arms Wide Open” tune.
New projects: The new Point of Grace album entitled “Free to Fly” is schedules to hit stores the first week of May.
The album release date for Sarah Masen’s latest has been changed to March 6th.
Husband and wife team Buddy and Julie Miller, longtime singer/songwriters in the Christian Music industry, are in the process of completing a new album. Their website is located at
Jill Phillips’ brand new album is in the process of being finished. Jill and husband Andy are hoping to have it available on her web site by the middle of February. Rumors have it that a couple of record companies are interested in picking up the distribution of the album.
1/11/01 Nearing the launch of their Loud and Clear Dance Party USA Tour, the OC Supertones are on the cover of Pollstar magazine as this week’s Hot Star of the week.
Congratulations go out to Caedmon’s Call’s Derek Webb who married independent artist Sandra McCracken on Jan. 6.
1/7/01 True Vibe has a brand-new Fan Club page located at:
Since its international release in June 2000, Christafari’s first full length Spanish/Portuguese recording, “Palabra Sonido Y Poder” has seen tremendous success in Latin America. The hit song “El Amor De Mi Vida” (Love of My Life) was #1 for over 4 months in San Salvador, El Salvador. It also recently reached #1 in Honduras, #1 in Uruguay and #3 in Costa Rica.
1/6/01 Essential Records’ new pop group True Vibe, formed by multi-platinum 98 Degrees’ founding original member Jonathan Lippmann performed the national anthem on ABC Monday Night Football. The recent performance was for the National Football League (NFL) Colts verses Buffalo game held in Indianapolis at the RCA Dome. Almost 60,000 football fans heard True Vibe perform the anthem, while an additional television audience viewed the performance live from their homes. True Vibe has already appeared on Late Night with David Letterman and performed the national anthem for several other major sporting events (Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins, Cincinnati Reds, etc.), as well as performed at the Arena Football “Superbowl” in Orlando, which broadcasted the True Vibe performance to over 150 countries. Not including the television audiences, True Vibe has performed for more than 750,000 people prior to releasing its debut album scheduled for May 15.
Matt Berry, Pete Sanders, Nate Larson, Alison Ogren and David Caton, the 5 members that make up Minnesota Band, Clear, have reportedly called it quits due to the stress of the road and the financial strains on the band. The band released two albums on Ardent Records, their self-entitled debut CD and follow-up Follow The Narrow. They have decided to focus on other ministries. Here’s the statement made by the band:
Since January of 1997, Clear has been touring throughout the United States in
support of two nationally released albums. “We’ve had four wonderful years on
the road together,” says guitarist Matt Berry. “The Lord has provided
countless opportunities for us to perform and share His Good News all over
America. Recently, we’ve sensed God’s hand directing the five of us towards
separate paths. As a result, we’ve decided to part ways as a group. Before
that happens, however, we want to share one last performance with our
families, friends and supporters. We invite everyone in the Twin Cities,
Greater Minnesota area (and anyone else who wants to take a journey!!!) to
come on out and be a part of our final performance!”
1/05/01Avalon is out of the studio and has announced that their new album “Oxygen” will be released in April.
Ginny Owens is reportedly joining Twila Paris for a duet to be included on Twila’s upcoming Lullabies album.
1/04/01 Sixpence has a new single, “Us.” Sixpence’s next full album is scheduled to release this spring and May has been mentioned. The group also joined former President Jimmy Carter with a house building project for Habitat For Humanity in New York City. Leigh Nash has recorded “Need To Be Next To You” for the new movie “Bounce.” While hesitant to do a song solo, Leigh was encouraged to take the opportunity by fellow band members. In March, Leigh will be showing up in “Girls Who Rock” ad campaigns from Urban Decay.
New P.O.D. tune “School of Hard Knocks,” from Adam Sandler’s new movie “Little Nicky,” is following the success of the band’s hit “Rock The Party.” The movie soundtrack is in stores now. Their album “The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown” was recently certified platinum. The band has just wrapped up a tour with Project 86. P.O.D. was also recognized by Rolling Stone magazine for being among those who “rocked our world in 2000.”
1/03/01 Continent hopping: The Kry has recorded a collection of their songs in the French language. With several members from Canada, the bi-lingual group is hoping to reach more listeners in Canada and other French-speaking nations.
Also crossing continents is Rick Altizer, who spent 2000 nearly equally on two separate continents, is working on release # 3 and # 4. Both CD’s will launch February 2001. One in the USA and a completely different album in Europe.


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