Move to End Atrocities in the Sudan Gains Support

U.S. Rep. Wolf and U.S. Sen. Bill Frist (R-TN) are only two of many
government officials who are working on making people aware of the atrocities
taking place in Sudan and improving the situation in Sudan.
There is a movement to bring awareness to the injustice and to fight the
violations of basic human rights that are happening in that country today.
“If the media were to bring attention to this struggle like it did in the
Balkans, the world would become galvanized in support of southern Sudan.” –
U.S. Rep. Frank R. Wolf of Virginia.
On March 7, Ken Tamplin (producer of Make Me Your Voice) will participate in
a D.C. press conference presenting the Sudan Peace Act, introduced into
legislation by U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO). The Act would strengthen
American foreign policy by placing new pressures on the Sudanese government
to engage in a comprehensive peace process.
U.S. Rep. Wolf traveled to Sudan and experienced the horrors first hand. Rep. Wood recently wrote Spring Hill Music thanking them for their efforts in bringing awareness to the Christian market,
through the benefit worship project, Make Me Your Voice, of the atrocities
taking place in Sudan.
Here’s a sample of what he had to say…
“There should be a major effort on the part of the United States, the United
Nations and European Union to bring an end to the war in Sudan. Peace has
to be a priority of the Bush Administration. Sudan is a litmus test for
those who care about human rights, about civil rights, about religious
persecution and about hunger. It should be viewed in terms of this decade’s
“South Africa.” The same amount of time, energy and resources should be put
into ending the war in Sudan that was put into bringing democracy and
freedom to South Africa.” – U.S. Rep. Frank R. Wolf of Virginia.
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