Mourning Into Joy

The late 80’s and early 90’s were very difficult years for the Darden family as my mother
and my father were both in the end stages of terminal illnesses. My mother fought a
ten-year battle against cancer and my father was gradually succumbing to Alzheimer’s at
the same time. I lost my mother in May of 1991 and my father passed away in August of
1993. I was devastated by the double loss, and during the next two years lost three more
relatives and two close family friends.
While my faith kept me alive and my friends tried to give comfort, I felt like people got
tired of hearing me trying to verbally express what was happening to me in the inside, and
there came a time with each friend when I could tell I had worn them out dealing with my
Where can Christians turn in their grief? Prayer is the main ally for the grieving Christian,
but we all know what it is like to long for “God with skin on” – someone to hold us and
comfort us. Friends often valiantly try to fill the bill, but even the most caring friend can be
guilty of throwing out a scriptural platitude or of defining the time frame in which we
should “get over it.”
Many Christians are put in the position of paying a counselor to help us deal with our grief
since our fast-paced society does not offer the support system of the large, close-knit patriarchal family found in
Biblical and historical times.
In an effort to provide another resource to those dealing with grief and loss, Christian
Activities has created the
href=””>Mourning Into Joy
Discussion Group at
href=””>MourningIntoJoy Group.
If you have lost a loved one and have a need to talk about your loss or have some comfort
to share, you are invited to join the
href=””>MourningIntoJoy Group.
The only requirements are that you have lost a loved one, that you are open to
Christian/Biblical discussion about loss, and that you follow the Golden Rule when
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