Mary’s Unshakeable Faith



Mary didn’t have simple faith, she had unshakable faith grounded in the living God!
This is what you will discover in Luke chapter one, as the preparations for Christ’s arrival begin! An angel appears out of no where to inform her that she is going to have a child. Not just any child, but the Son of God!

Mary’s only inquiry, “how could this happen, for I am a virgin?” The angel explained how the Holy Spirit would overshadow her and then the Holy One would be born! The angel finished with verse 37, “For nothing is impossible with God!” Mary’s response is amazing ….. she says, “I am the Lord’s servant, May it be as you have said!”
What faith! A young teenaged girl, merging onto the highway of life and just as she begins to hit cruising speed…..”BAM!”….this angel pops in on her and proclaims in an instant how her life is just about to take a 180 degree change in direction! Not only that but she will also be derailed to a brand new track! Getting pregnant before marriage was not a common practice then! This news virtually effected all the plans she had for current life. Mary didn’t argue, turn down the angel, run away, doubt God’s power, thrown a fit or ignored the truth. Mary instantaneously embraced this wonderful proclamation! In verses 46-55 of chapter one, her song reflects a lot about her established relationship with God! Mary reveals in this song, her familiarity with the nature of God, His promises and His absolute authority!
Mary lived by faith….faith built on a desire to; follow Him, to worship Him, to know Him and to obey Him! Her faith wasn’t born out of foreseeing this chosen position of hers. Her faith was well established before this event and that is why God chose her. He was well aware of her heart and her desire to follow Him!
God not only entrusted her to carry the Savior in her body and give birth to Him, but to also raise Him! Think about that, what an honor, what responsibility! Mary would be a major influence on Christ…from conception all the way to the resurrection! Remember that this is God’s son, not just any baby, but the Savior of the world! He chose Mary because she humbled herself and diligently sought the living God! What an example, so much can be learned from this young teenaged girl and her unshakable faith!
From our archives 12/15/01


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