Lamplighter’s Theatre Presents “Fail-Safe”

Smyrna, Tennessee-based Lamplighters Theatre offers the cold-war drama, “Fail-Safe,” for its Fall production. Based on the 1962 thriller by Burdick and Wheeler, and adapted for the stage by Lamplighters’ veteran Mike Parker, the two-act play follows events that drive the world to the brink of nuclear war. Set “40 years ago…or the day after tomorrow,” Fail-Safe is as relevant today as it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Parker, who also directs the show, drew on both the original novel as well as Walter Berstein’s screenplay for the 1964 motion picture for his adaptation.
“Suppose a 50 mega-ton missile was accidentally launched at Washington D.C.,” muses Dr. Groteschele, the Pentagon’s civilian expert on nuclear war. “Would we not…should we not…retaliate with everything we’ve got?” It is the foreshadowing question that haunts each character, when a rogue American bomber group, armed with nuclear weapons, flies through its Fail-Safe point on a collision course with Moscow. Can the President recall the planes? Will the Kremlin retaliate? Is there any way to avert nuclear annihilation? “Fail-Safe” is a classic tale of honor, duty and sacrifice.
The show runs October 17 thru 20th, with all performances at 7:00 pm. Admission is $6.00 for adults; $4.00 for students and children. For reservations or for information please call (615) 459-3421. Due to subject matter, parents may wish to consider whether children under 12 should attend.

Lamplighters Theatre is a ministry of Smyrna Assembly Church, Smyrna, Tennessee.


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