John Tesh Assembles a Convoy

On the morning of October 12th, a convoy of motor homes, travel trailers and RV’s will depart Birmingham, Alabama on a trip that will result in providing temporary housing for families in the communities of Slidell, Louisiana and Long Beach, Mississippi. The ‘Katrina Convoy’ will head for these two locations that have been adopted by John Tesh and the listeners of the nationally syndicated ‘The John Tesh Radio Show.’
Through contributions from caring individuals nationwide and corporate entities such as Nestle’s, ‘The John Tesh Radio Show’ is purchasing used transportable housing to donate to the two hard-hit cities where John worked in relief efforts directly following Hurricane Katrina. Also being accepted are actual donations of motor homes and travel trailers driven down to the Birmingham, Alabama staging location by October 11th, and other basic necessities such as cleaning supplies and toiletries to be loaded into the motor homes of the convoy.
John says, “The purpose of this ‘Katrina Convoy’ is not only to serve the residents of the Gulf Coast but to encourage others to put together ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas for relief.”
‘The John Tesh Radio Show’ affiliate, WYSF, in Birmingham is a key partner in organizing the massive efforts and chief among media outlets building further awareness will be CNN, MSNBC, FOX and of course John’s old stomping ground, Entertainment Tonight. Governor Bob Riley of Alabama has also signed on to assist in making the ‘Katrina Convoy’ another incredible example of American generosity and one that will make life easier for many families who have lost everything.
Staff members of ‘The John Tesh Radio Show’ have been in constant communication with citizens and administrators in Slidell and Long Beach who indicated within a few days of the hurricane that the number one need for victims of Katrina is shelter. It was this knowledge that prompted the creation of the Katrina Convoy. For more information log on to

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