Poems by John Reardon

Christ’s Love For Man
Christ was born one Christmas day,
And rose one Easter morn.
To take our sins unto Himself
So we may be reborn.
He loves us one and loves us all,
His love will never die.
But when we sin and turn away,
That’s when we make Him cry.
For God forgives and forgets,
All that we have done,
For He loves and wants to help us,
And make us all as one.This Good Friend of Mine
I have this friend He is my guru,
He’s interested in me and everything I do,
And whenever I’m troubled and I need to talk,
Like a true friend He’s there and we take a long walk.
No problem’s too big, no problem’s too small,
He’s always there to answer my call.
And His wisdom seems limitless, spanning all time,
And He’s helped countless people this good friend of mine.
So we’ve grown very close, Like a father and son,
And He’s always there for me to lean on.
He’s forever in my heart and forever in my mind,
And His name is Christ Jesus, this good friend of mine.


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