God Guides Our Hearts




One afternoon while we were doing a sound check for a concert in North
Carolina, we discovered that we had left some important information in
Nashville. We always set up a booth for Mercy Ministries at our concerts,
and we say something from the stage about the help they give to hurting
girls. But on this trip, we had left all the brochures behind. I remember
sitting on stage discussing with the girls whether or not we should even
mention Mercy Ministries. Without the brochures and the envelopes for collection
donations, we didn’t know if it would be worth the effort. However, for
no particular reason that I can remember, we decided to go ahead and have
Denise share from the stage what Mercy Ministries is all about.
What we didn’t know was that there was a young girl in the audience
that night who desperately needed to hear about God’s mercy and she needed
to hear it quickly. Just that day, she had found out that she was pregnant.
Unmarried and a teenager, I’m sure she felt her situation was insurmountable.
As Denise shared about Mercy Ministries that night, the Holy Spirit
did a work in that young girl’s life. After the concert, she came through
the autograph line and inconspicuously asked for Mercy’s Special Help Line
(800/922-9131). We don’t even remember her asking!
We later found out that the very next morning she placed a call to Mercy
Ministries. She told them she was about to have a secret abortion but that
she had heard from us that there was a place she could go to find help
and hope without being judged for her past mistakes. It makes me shudder
to think that we almost didn’t share about the ministry because of some
stupid brochures! This girl chose to come to Mercy Ministries here in Nashville,
and praise God, her baby was saved and she got her life together with God’s
I have to believe that without the love of Jesus, this never would have
happened. The story wouldn’t have had a happy ending. But because he cared
for that little girl in that small North Carolina town, he reached down
from heaven and made a way, when to her, there seemed to be no way.
So when people try to say that it all comes down to fate, we as Christians
need to be the voice that says it all comes down to the love of Jesus.
It’s a mystery to me how God guides our hearts and minds to make certain
decisions that allow his love and care to work. And even though I don’t
understand it, I believe I saw the divine providence of God at work that
night. And you can believe that his providence is at work in and through
your life too.
The song says, “Some think it all comes down to fate and circumstaces,
life falls somewhere between accident and chance,” but if we believe that
the God of the universe orders the universe and orders our steps, we know
that in reality it’s no coincidence.”

From the More Than A Story
devotional book, printed with permission by Howard Publishing.
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