Brandon Heath shares ‘What if we…’



In this interview, the 2009 Dove Award-winning Male Vocalist of the Year answers some fun questions based on the theme for his CD, “What If We.”
1) What if we lived on the moon?
Brandon: Football would be really fun because there’s no gravity, so we could throw a long, long way.
2) What if we get a negative comment?
Brandon: We try not to take it too personally.
3) What if we stumble?
Brandon: What if we fall? We brush ourselves off and get back up.
4) What if we used common sense?
Brandon: We would save ourselves a lot of heartache.
5) What if we didn’t give students grades?
Brandon: I think we would never do our homework.
6) What if we remembered to turn our cell phones off in public places?
Brandon: We would get more important things done.
7) What if we did something radical?
Brandon: We could change the world.
8) What if we listened?
Brandon: We would realize that we don’t have to know everything.
9) What if we shared?
Brandon: We would be surprised.
10) What if we said “I’m sorry?”
Brandon: We would know Jesus better.
11) What if we did it God’s way?
Brandon: We would do it the right way.
12) What if we bought Brandon Heath’s CD?
Brandon: We would hopefully play it over, and over, and over, and over again!

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