GMA Interview: Superchic[k]!

I sat down with the very enthusiastic members of the Superchic(k) during GMA week. On Wednesday, April 25th, at 7:30am, I
made it to the inpop bus, across from the Nashville
Convention Center. I found the gals and guys from the
band in a big huddle outside. From there, we headed
into the bus to the back. We sat in a circle on plush
seats. I started off by asking the band about their fan club, TheSuperchic[k]Club which they were unaware of.
I then asked Ben (drums) to comment on an earlier
statement he made about not letting circumstances
define himself. “I think even just the nature of what
we do, as far as being on the road, traveling, things
like that, there’s so many times where if you let your
circumstances dictate how you’re gonna live, or how
your attitude is gonna be, then you’d be in pretty
foul spirits most of the time…Everyday for us is
kind of a decision for us to pursue Christ and to live
as Jesus would, no matter what the circumstances are.
I think when you live your life that way, that’s when
you can be used.”
I heard from each member on how they discovered
and developed their talents.
Justin:(guitar) “I play guitar and I have a cousin
that plays in the band Soul Asylum. He was just a
huge inspiration for me, growing up. His band was
pretty cool at the time, so I always wanted to learn
to play the guitar.”
MATT:(bass) “I kinda realized the talent that God had
given me about four years ago when I played my first
live show. I realized that I moved and jumped around
more than most people. I kinda realized that maybe
this was for me. If I’m in a worship band, I feel
that’s my form of worship. I feel that sometimes it
gets looked down upon.”
Melissa: (rhythm guitar)”I started two years ago. It
was something that, by no means, came natural to me.
It felt like it came very unnatural, but I always
wanted to do it. Really, God has shown me through all
of it, that if we pursue something enough, if we’re
dedicated to it enough, then he can use it. Now, I am
not a great guitar player, by any means, but God’s
using it for him…I think that’s kind of what we are
all about as Superchic(k). God will use what you have
and what you are willing to give him. Just pursue it
with your whole heart.”
Tricia:(vocals/Melissa’s sister) “I’ve loved singing
my whole life. There’s a video of me when I was four,
grabbing the mic. from all the other kids in
children’s choir. My Mom and Dad said, ‘That’s when
we knew!.’ I never in my wildest dreams thought I
would be a lead singer. I loved to lead worship and I
pretty much only sang in Churches and really
contemporary things. It’s been really good and a good
learning experience for me doing this. It was
definitely stretching for me, because what we do is
not what’s easiest for me, but I think that’s kinda
cool! I don’t think God necessarily always leads us
where things are easiest because then we don’t need
Ben:(drums)”I started playing the drums because my
father is a worship pastor. The drummer from our
Church decided to move away, so he(my father) tricked
me into starting to take drum lessons. Soon I
inherited the drumming thing in Church. Through
playing in Church, playing in praise and worship
bands, playing in garage bands…getting experience
that way. Just through playing with mostly praise and
worship and things like that is how God has opened
doors, meeting people and just practicing things like
Max Hsu:(a little bit of everything)”My general
philosophy on life is ‘it can’t be that hard'”
The band was surprised about some of the factoids that
CA had from the last article,Will the Real Superchic[k] Please Stand Up?
I confirmed the fact that Ben had protein shakes and tuna on the road (But
no tuna in the protein shake!!). Also, Max has
produced stock music that is being used in shows such
as Dateline, Meet the Press, and commercials.
Max spoke about doing the stock music. “I’ve not had a
salary in years and God has provided for me. It’s one
of those strange things where I didn’t think that was
going to be anything and it’s funded a lot of what
we’ve done.
I’m told that Superchic(k) has a place where you can email the band, on their website. I’m also
told that they do check their messages: has a Superchic[k] discussion board at:Superchic[k] Board.
Superchic(k) were born little Superchicklets on:
Max (Dec. 1)
Ben (Oct. 18)
Tricia(July 7)
Melissa(Jan. 8)
Matt(June 13)
Justin (March 31)

Kurtis Kegley is a free-lance writer who wrote daily GMA updates and interviews for Christian Activities during Gospel Music Week. Kurtis sends in his daily report from the GMA media room.
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