Global Christian University Newsletter

In this Issue:
1. Welcome
2. First Australian Student
3. New Partner
4. Our Study Centers
6. Mission-Minded Professors
1. Welcome to a New Beginning
Chaim Potok in his book, “Beginnings” said, “All beginnings are hard,
especially those you start by yourself.” We at GCU hope that this year
brings you many spiritual rewards and that the beginning of this New Year
will be good for you. May God bless you in 2001.
2. First Student from Australia
This week we received a registration from our first student in Sydney,
Australia. We have recently learned about the FOCUS Learning Centre in
Sydney and the vision the NorthWest Church there has for reaching people
in their community. Isn’t it amazing that our present technology allows us
to teach and interact with a student so far away? In this case, the
student wants to major in Bible. That student will be a blessing in coming
3. A New Partner
We are excited about our new relationship with Lipscomb University. In the
Spring semester Dr. Mike Moss will teach a New Testament course for GCU.
Lipscomb has always been mission-minded and we welcome them as a Partner
in reaching students around the world who otherwise might not have an
opportunity for a college education.
4. Our Study Centers
Anyone with a computer and modem may access our courses. But for those
students hwo may not have computers, we are setting up Study Centers
equipped with Internet-capable computers and staffed with individuals who
are interested in them. We continue to get requests from missionaries in
various countries to have a Study Center in their locale. We can only
progress with those as funds permit. Perhaps you know someone in your
congregation who would like to fund one of these Study Centers. Let us
know about him/her. As students learn and grow spiritually, imagine what a
blessing they will be to the church in that country. If we are to nurture
the church worldwide, we MUST train students in their own culture and
encourage them to reach out to their families and friends. The GCU mission
is unique and it seeks to bless the church globally.
6. Mission-Minded Professos
We need qualified professors to volunteer to teach a course. Perhaps you
know someone in your congregation who would be willing to teach. They
don’t have to leave home! GCU has an experienced Information Officer to
advise that professor and an outstanding group of people who are willing
to mentor and advise students as they are taking a course. If you or
someone you know has an interest in joining this exciting endeavor, have
them contact Dr. Connie Mauney, V.P. for Academic Affais or telephone her in the Nashville area at
President’s Office, 808 Treeline
Drive, Brandon MS 39042. Check our web site at to read
the president’s message and to check out other features.


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