Fervent Records Signs Big Daddy Weave

Hailing from the southeast, where they have already established an audience as an independent artist, pop band Big Daddy Weave becomes the second act signed to Fervent Records. The band will release their debut project, One And Only, produced by FFH lead vocalist and songwriter Jeromy Deibler, on July 30, 2002, through Provident Music Distribution.
?Because we want to keep the family feel and individual attention for our artists, we took our time to find the perfect fit for our second band,? says Fervent Records president Susan Riley. ?We believe in Big Daddy Weave one hundred percent, and are thrilled to serve them in their thriving and passionate ministry.”
Because of Big Daddy Weave?s existing presence as an independent artist, sales and marketing site GrassrootsMusic.com is excited about the band?s label debut as well. ?Big Daddy Weave’s indie record has sold exceptionally well for us. Why? Because they rock, they’re real, and they’re not afraid to tour like madmen. Much like the pre-record-label underground phenomena that created industry success stories like Caedmon’s Call, Third Day and MercyMe, Big Daddy Weave has carefully built a huge fan base during their indie years through diligent touring and smart self-marketing,? says Kirby Trapolino, president of Grassroots Music Distribution and GrassrootsMusic.com.
Other retailers recently saw the band perform at the sales conference for Provident Music Group, or have heard the buzz that Big Daddy Weave has created as an independent artist. ?Their sound is Bebo Norman meets Steven Curtis Chapman meets Dave Matthews,? says John Van Der Veen, music buyer for the 330-store Family Christian Stores chain.
One And Only represents Deibler?s first turn at the production helm of a label project, adding producer to his long list of credits that include Dove Award nominated artist and hit songwriter. ?It has been great that the Lord allowed me to pour my life into something else, and I wouldn?t know who better than to do that with than these guys. I can honestly say that I sat down and listened to Big Daddy Weave?s independent album, and was ministered to by it,? says Deibler. ?Mike Weaver knows how to turn a phrase that says something that we?ve heard now for two thousand years in the Bible, but he puts a brand new spin on it. God is using Mike and Big Daddy Weave so that they?re speaking to the church in a brand new and fresh way.?
Comprised of brothers Mike and Jay Weaver, Jeremy Redmon, Joe Shirk and Jeff Jones, all in their early to mid-twenties, Big Daddy Weave is often compared sonically to mainstream act Dave Matthews Band for their eclectic pop/rock sound, which incorporates horns as well as elements of blues, funk and jazz. With an independent project already under their belts, the band has been performing together for over four years and came out of the University of Mobile, in Mobile, AL.
?I guess we?d call our sound acoustic pop/rock with a twist,? says lead vocalist Mike Weaver. ?The twist is the sax, and also a little something you can?t quite put your finger on. When we?re in concert, we have come there specifically to lift up God and worship Him. We have fun?we?re not taking ourselves so seriously, but we take why we?re there very seriously.?
One and Only is slated to release on July 30, with a marketing and sales campaign that will focus on the band?s primary audience of college age and young adults.
?This is a group that is about great music and passionate ministry, and less about image,? says Riley. ?As the band has seen in concert, we think that the college and young adult market is really going to respond to their sound and to the depth of what they have to offer.?
The group agrees. ?The world wants you to look like something, or be this list of things?and when Big Daddies come walking out on stage, these really big guys with guitars, we refute all that,? says Mike Weaver. ?We don?t have this image thing going on, but we found out what is going on, and we want to share it with you.?
?My prayer every night is that you would get me and everyone else out of the way and bring Jesus to the front, because that?s the image we need to portray,? explains Jay Weaver, the younger of the two Weaver brothers for whom the band is named. ?That?s what I want people to know?when they saw Big Daddy Weave, they saw Jesus.?
Big Daddy Weave joins two-time 2002 Dove Award nominee By The Tree on the two-year-old Fervent Records label run by president Susan Riley. Distributed to Christian bookstores by Provident Music Distribution, Fervent Records was formed two years ago by the husband-and-wife team of Susan and Rod Riley in an effort to passionately serve ministry-based artists by partnering to expand their unique platform to reach more people for Christ.


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