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Whenever one plans an outing or food for that matter, the
first thing that comes to mind is a restaurant. Presence of
innumerable food shops and eating places has always been a
part of our social lives. The restaurants, a French
invention, began to appear on the social scenario in the
later half of 18th century.
A Tavern and a restaurant are different from each other
though both offer food to its customers. A tavern offers a
set menu at a set price and is served only at a fixed time
of the day. Whereas in a restaurant the customer chooses
his own dishes from a set menu, at time of the day. In 1783
Beauvilliers opened his own restaurant. From 1789 there
were so many chefs and other restaurant industry related
personnel in the market for employment.
Many of the chefs turned their talents from preparing food
for the nobility to providing the illusion of nobility for
a burgeoning bourgeoisie. It became a golden age for
restaurants whose number increased more than five-fold in
fifteen years, from one hundred in 1789 to between five and
six hundred in 1804. Restaurant revolution brought many
changes in the dining patterns. It introduced 11 am and 12
noon d~jeuner ~ la fourchette (breakfast with a fork),
preceeded by petit-d~jeuner (breakfast).
Even the boiler room of the kitchen did not remain
unchanged. Count von Rumford invented the `modern kitchen
range~, which became commercially available around the year
1800. Dishes involving instant cooking, such as pan-frying,
dominated the menus in the restaurants. This
revolutionized the eating ~out such that the roasts were
side-lined, reducing the number of dishes on the menu.
The following summarizes the history of restaurants and the
restaurant chains:
Restaurant: It is believed that the first restaurant was
opened in Paris in 1765 by Boulanger, a soup vendor.
Cafeteria: In 1891, the YWCA of Kansas City, Mo.,
established the first cafeteria.
Drive-In Restaurants: The first drive-in restaurant opened
in Glendale, California in 1936. Here the patrons are
served food in their vehicles. The phenomenon reached its
height in the early 1950s.
The Happy Meal concept was introduced by the Mac Donald’s
chain of restaurants. This chain emphasized on standardized
food products, which were produced under strict discipline.
Products like hamburgers, French fries and milk shakes.
First Happy Meal was served in 1977 McDonald’s Happy Meals:
Ray Kroc was the pioneer of the fast-food industry with his
worldwide McDonald’s enterprise (1954). He revolutionized
the American restaurant industry by imposing discipline on
the production of hamburgers, French fries, and milk
shakes. In 1977. The first McDonald~s ~Happy Meal~ was
regionally tested in St. Louis and served in 1979.
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