Dreams of Lost Loved Ones

I dreamed about my parents last night and the house where I grew up. It was a pleasant dream but not a pleasant experience. You see, my parents have been dead several years. It was such a vivid dream and I woke up crying and missing them terribly. Sounds depressing, doesn’t it?
After their deaths, I dreamed about loosing my parents all the time – sad dreams where my parents were lost and I had to find them, or sick and I had to help them. I would relive the same helpless feelings I had when I sat by their bedsides in the hospital. And, when I woke up, it was like waking up from one bad dream into another even worse dream — the reality of their deaths.
Well, the good news is although I was definitely melancholy as I was waking up this morning, these dreams used to devastate me. This time the dream itself was pleasant, and although I had to wake up to the sad realization they are gone, this is a fact I have had to face many times over the past few years, and it no longer devastates me. My day has gone on pleasantly even after such a rude awakening.
If you have lost a loved one recently and are having those haunting dreams, just hang on and do your best to release your sadness and sorrow to the Lord. It really does get easier to bear with time. And we have the hope of being reunited with our loved ones in a better time and place where the reality of waking will be better than we can possibly imagine.
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