Reunion Records Launches Shout Fest

Reunion Records and Jeff Roberts & Associates recently announced plans for a new fall traveling festival called ShoutFest.
Designed as a one-day event, ShoutFest will be hosted by churches across the country aiming to build a spirit of community and worship in each city. ShoutFest is scheduled to hit 30 markets this fall including Minneapolis, Miami, Orlando, Fla., Phoenix, Evansville, Ind., among others.
Running from mid-September to mid-November, Shout Fest will feature co-headliners Salvador and Rachael Lampa as well as performances from Jeff Deyo, Brother’s Keeper, Daily Planet, Rock ‘N’ Roll Worship Circus and 38th Parallel (artists subject to change).
“ShoutFest is a great alternative to the traditional high-cost tours that go out in the fall. For less than the cost of a typical two or three act concert, a church can get a full-blown event that reaches deeper into its community,” says Dean Diehl, general manager of Reunion Records. “ShoutFest is also a wonderful way for us to provide touring opportunities for more of our acts. It’s getting harder to find viable tours to showcase developing artists. This is a win-win situation for the churches and the artists, and we’re glad to be a part of it.

“I think the combination of music, entertainment and ministry in ShoutFest will have a huge payoff in changed lives! We at Youth for Christ and Sonshine Productions are anticipating ShoutFest to be one of the best events to come along in years.” notes Bob Poe, Director of the Sonshine Festival.
With the theme “Let the walls fall down,” ShoutFest is intended to become an annual tour that will encourage and work with churches to shout and cry out to God as the Israelites did around the city of Jericho and see the walls around their cities fall.
Sponsored by Liberty University and World Vision, ShoutFest will also include extreme games, merchandise, food and fun for the entire family regardless of age. For more information on touring dates and performing bands, visit .


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