Delirious? Offers Live Double CD For Fans

What drives fans to buy concert tickets? Isn’t it mostly to see their favorite band perform their favorite songs
along with thousands of like-minded friends? I propose that for Delirious? it’s just a bit more. It’s a visual
and auditory experience that incorporates the former for sure, but also an intangible combination of vertical
worship and what is known among fans as the d:vibe.
Multi-million selling Delirious? has long been exalted as one of the greatest live bands, not only in
Christendom, but in non-religious musical circles as well. Hailing from the UK and with its music in over 100
countries, Delirious? has traversed the globe for over 10 years. Capturing the energy, excitement and worship
experience of Delirious? in concert is the band’s first live double-CD, Access:d: live worship in the key of D.
With 26 tracks, Access:d pronounced, “accessed,” spans the breadth of the band’s best-loved fan favorites,
present and past. Fusing the planned with the spontaneous, Access:d was recorded during 2002 and 2001
tours in America and abroad and reflects the latest musical invention by the five Delirious? lads. In fact,
whether old or not so old, the tracks, like everything about the band, are intensified when delivered in person
from the stage. The emotions are stronger, the choruses bigger and the improvisation inventive.
From humble beginnings performing in its neighborhood school hall to headlining events worldwide for
hundreds-of-thousands, the Delirious? story has remained essentially the same: Delirious? comes alive on
stage. Featured as the March cover story in CCM magazine, Delirious? also continues to be one of the most
influential artists in Christian music and beyond.
And with Access:d, like the live concert, Delirious? intends the recording to be heard as an invitation to have
God access all we have. More than a souvenir of a great gig, Delirious? continues to be about erasing the line
between rock and praise music, re-enforcing the emerging concept that worship should be part of every facet of


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