GMA Journal, Wednesday, April 9

Wednesday found me roaming the halls of the Convention Center and attending a few
seminars including the seminar on Latin music. Hosted by Arturo Allen, panelists
including Patty Cabrera discussed the problems getting Soundscan into Latino bookstores
among other concerns of the Latin market.
In the halls I spotted Bob Hartman and John Schlit of Petra trying to have a quiet moment.
They were gracious to pose for a photo and to offer a friendly greeting as I passed by.
Later I caught new artist Todd Agnew hanging out in the halls surrounded by journalists
including Mike and Paula Parker and Joanne Brokaw.
Tonight was the Gotee showcase hosted by John Ruben and Toby Mac. I had never seen John before and have to admit I am now a huge fan. He was funny, and oozed charm and good will. Toby has presence, there’s no better way to put it, and together they were just fantastice. The showcase introduced new artists Kelly, a strong rockin’ female vocalist and Sandtown. Sandtown is
a community, a band and a way of life. This urban area pitched together to better their
community, producing a stellar youth choir in the process.
I will check spelling, add photos and more comments and tweak this later – just wanted to get it online fast for you guys who want those GMA updates fast!


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