dc Talk at Joy Fest 2001

Christian music is more popular than ever. The industry has exploded into the newest phenomenon planting seeds of
faith all over the world. One of the groups gaining success from this new wave is the trio, DC Talk. The group has been around since the late 80’s producing inspirational songs. In DC Talk, teens find an outlet from the hardships they encounter while growing up.
The band – Michael Tait, Kevin Max, and Toby McKeehan-provide an edgy rock taste to their non-secular lyrics. Recently, the guys have gone Solo. Each member recruited their own individual bands to aid them on their latest album. Only seven selections made the final cut, enough to make a hit record for this group.
DC Talk appeared in Houston to perform at Joy Fest in AstroWorld’s Southern Star Amphitheater. Legions of fans
filled the venue to witness the show.
The crowd patiently waited for the first solo featuring Toby McKeehan and his band. Finally, at 7:30 pm turntables began to spin
and four singers emerged onstage coordinating in dark green army patterns singing to “Somebody’s Watching.” McKeehan plays the
role as DC Talk’s driving force. He occupied the time free stylin to unreleased tracks from his forthcoming debut album.
Performing “Extreme Days,” Mckeehan admitted the song would be on the soundtrack to an up coming movie about extreme sports.
The stage had been handed over to Michael Tait. The dread-locked singer sang vocals to his group, Tait Band. “I’m about to melt
into a Hershey’s kiss chocolate,” joked Tait about the warm weather. The singer kept it casual in jeans and purple t-shirt. . As he
introduced “Spy,” Michael reminded the audience “You don’t have to be a wimp to be Christian.”
It was barely dark and Kevin Max was preparing to launch his set. He was introduced onstage by the space odyssey theme song.
Max gave the crowd a preview of his album Stereotype Be including “Return of the Singer” and “Be.” He introduced his wife onstage
and then did a cover of U2’s “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.”
The solos were completed and now the guys were preparing to perform as a whole. Beach balls traveled across the mosh pit as
smoke covered the stage. Fans sang along to In the Light. The band recreated their hit singles, “Supernatural,””Colored People,”
and “Jesus Freak.” To introduce 40 Live, Kevin Max read out of Psalm 40. Though the guys were exhausted, they continued the
show with an encore as a disco ball shed light on to the stage.
Rumors are circulating as to whether this solo project will split the group. Solo or not, the guys have enough potential to make it.
Teens have a wondrous awe for the band. DC Talk puts on an amazing rock show to a faithful Christian beat.
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